Zippy update

Happy Thanksgiving (mostly to the Americans), and hi to everyone else! I should be catching up with Barbara soon and asking about new stories/upcoming plans.  She’s been busy with teaching, and I’ve been…busy with my partner’s cancer.  Yep, about when the robot finally was getting less needy, lymphoma entered my love’s life.  It’s been a […]


Okay…finally, after answering questions over a looooong period of many years, I can say:   YES, THERE ARE AUDIOBOOKS.   Audible has a number of them, including a lot of the older Del Rey fantasies, and at least some of the Benjamin January books.  I’ve never understood the appeal of the audiobook, but I sincerely […]

Two New Further Adventure Stories!

Hi, all- I’ve just added the latest two arrivals to the Further Adventures. The latest two stories are Shadowbaby, set in the Winterlands/Dragonsbane universe, and Nanya of the Butterflies, a Sun Wolf and Starhawk story. Both stories are brand-new, never-before-published, and approximately 15 K words in length (I tell you the latter because…people ask).  All […]

Plus-One joins the Further Adventures stable (Antryg alert!) tonight

Hi, all- Hope you’re having a great summer!  The latest Further Adventures story, Plus-One, debuts tonight.  If anyone thought that traveling to California meant Joanna and Antryg were going to have a nice peaceful life, unmarred by brushes with alien lifeforms, random Voids, and errant mageborn (not to mention rock stars, ectoplasm, and the intricacies […]

Yes! Another Further Adventures story – Sun Wolf and Starhawk

Hi, all- Barbara just sent the latest, all-new Further Adventures story, Fairest In The Land.  This one is a Sun Wolf and Starhawk story…do the Wolf and Hawk get run out of town after their latest adventure?  You’ll have to read on to find out!   Fairest – as well as any of the other ten Further […]

New Further Adventures Story – Antryg and Joanna

Yes! Barbara just finished the brand-new Antryg and Joanna story “Corridor” to join the Further Adventures lineup.  Perfect for indulging in after the Thanksgiving feast, or for the plane ride to the feast!  Head over to the Further Adventures page to read an excerpt, and to buy “Corridor” or any of the other nine stories […]

New Vampire Story (Further Adventures, part 4)

Ready for a light bit of poolside reading?  Further Adventures part four is here!   Sunrise on Running Water is the latest offering, and Barbara describes it:  “This is my vampire-on-the-Titanic story, which appeared in Dark Delicacies II in 2007. I re-read it yesterday and still think it’s pretty funny. Don Simon Ysidro makes a VERY […]

Happy On-Sale Day!

Barbara is the featured author at Open Road Media today, to mark “On-Sale Day”. You can now purchase ebook versions of almost her entire back catalog. Hurray for ebooks! Even better, they have released the “About the Author” video they shot a couple weeks ago and you can either watch it on their site or […]

Ebook extravaganza!

Ebook extravaganza!

Hi, all- I’m finally able to announce that YES, you can get almost every Hambly book in e-format, starting at the end of this month! Yay! Open Road Media has picked up Barbara’s back catalog, and will be releasing the books via their site, Amazon, and the B&N nook store on March 29, 2011. Even […]

Exciting Surprise Mail

Exciting Surprise Mail

I was vacuuming this morning when the mail came in, with a package for me from Severn House, Barbara’s newest publisher: Yippie! I have to temper this slightly by saying that this book has been released in the UK already, but won’t be officially released in the US until June, 2011. Thanks very much to […]