Further Adventures, Part 3

Just in time for Thanksgiving weekend reading: Further Adventures part III is here! There are two new stories this time: Princess, in which John and Jenny from the Dragonsbane series get tangled up with dragons, demons, and an unwillingly betrothed young woman…and A Time to Every Purpose Under Heaven, starring Rose Janvier (while Ben is […]

News of the week

News of the week

Here’s Barbara Hamilton/Hambly appearing Friday at the Mysterious Galaxy bookstore in San Diego. In other new, Barbara is hard at work on two new Further Adventures stories, one to be about Rose (from the Ben January books).

A Mysterious sighting of Barbara Hamilton

Barbara Hamilton will be making a public appearance next Friday at Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego. If you plan to go, take a picture for the site!

Weekly News Update

Weekly News Update

Hi, all- Just a quick roundup of news: 1. Barbara Hamilton is blogging about her Abigail Adams books; you can read the first installment by following the link. Who would you call on the historical cell-phone? 2. Barbara Hamilton’s A Marked Man is now out – if you’ve read it already, feel free to leave […]

The ebook post

I’ve been meaning for ages to post about Barbara Hambly and Barbara Hamilton ebooks (in case you’d missed the news, Barbara Hamilton is Barbara Hambly). A lot of letters/comments come in from people who want to read X book on their Y device.  These are usually impassioned, and end with a plea to make books […]

Happy birthday (and look what I found on the backup drive)

Happy birthday (and look what I found on the backup drive)

Hi, all! Barbara’s birthday is tomorrow (the 28th); please join me in wishing her a great one (you can add a comment to this post; I’ll make sure that she gets over here to see the comments). Some of you may have participated in the Birthday Project back in…em…uh…probably 2000? Anyhow, several people sent letters […]

Further Adventures, round two

Back in November, we introduced “The Further Adventures of…” Thus, Barbara – in response to those who’ve loved the old Del Rey fantasy serieses – has written original short stories about the people and places in those serieses: Antryg and Joanna (Deb cheers loudly), Sun Wolf and Starhawk, the gang at the Keep of Dare, […]

Two new Further Adventures coming soon

Hi, all! Just a brief announcement: two new Further Adventures stories are in the pipeline! Starhawk stars in one of them, and Gil and Ingold appear in the other. I’ve also been working on a shopping-cart-type interface so that story-buyers can choose whichever stories they like and pay for them in one transaction (this will […]

Barbara at CONduit this weekend (May 28-30)

Barbara will be the Author Guest of Honor at CONduit XX (wow, really? 20? That’s pretty impressive) in Salt Lake City this weekend. If you’re going, have a great time, and post something here about your experience. More information about CONduit can be found here. Everyone have a great weekend!

Dead and Buried gets a starred review!

Dead and Buried, the 9th Benjamin January book, received a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly in last week’s fiction roundup. In case this link goes away, I’m posting the full review here: Dead and Buried: A Benjamin January Mystery Barbara Hambly. Severn, $28.95 (256p) ISBN 978-0-7278-6867-1 Sorrow, grief, and pain pervade Hambly’s outstanding ninth Benjamin […]