Just a quick note to say I am making one more try to be better about posting regularly. It’s been a difficult year – chronic bronchitis that went into walking pneumonia, in the midst of which one of my close friends died. I continue to write – I finished Ben January # 14, and am […]

Kid Gloves ‘n’ Hookers

ADVENTURES IN RESEARCH – 2 Kid Gloves ‘n’ Hookers Barbara Hambly So, did a hooker cost more than a pair of kid gloves? Since the first moment long-ago when I sat down with a sheet of blue-lined notebook paper in front of me at the kitchen table to write my first “historical novel” (this was […]


Refuelling. That’s what Poppy Z Brite called it, standing on a streetcorner of Royal Street one evening in 1997. “Reading books, going to clubs, listening to music,” she said. It’s the part of writing that a lot of non-writers don’t really understand. I’ve just spent a very pleasant afternoon cutting out shirts for myself. Later […]

New Projects!

New Projects!

This is Barbara, making what I hope is the official announcement: 1) Blood Maidens is out in the U.K. I believe this month – someone told me they’d ordered from Amazon U.K. and had actually GOTTEN a copy! I’m told it should be available in regular Amazon in December. b) Barbara Hamilton’s second Abigail Adams […]

Graphic novel #2!

Amid all the fuss and fluster I completely forgot to mention that the second graphic novel in my series The Garden of Emptiness is out this month! This is the series – from PennyFarthing Press – about Anne Steelyard, rip-roarin’ rootin-tootin female archaeologist in the Middle East prior to WWI. The first of the series […]

Dead & Buried

Just pressed the magic button, and the final draft of Dead & Buried (Benjamin January #9) whooshed on its way to Severn House in London. My fingers are now crossed. But, I’m very pleased with it. (I really hope I haven’t missed some excrutiatingly obvious clue…)


Barbara Hambly Herself here – as I hope to be posting whenever there is news to impart. The news is, that Homeland is in stores – after a long and stressful journey to fruition. I think it’s one of my best, of the “literary fiction” genre – a Civil War novel about friendship, emotional survival, […]