Graphic novel #2!

Amid all the fuss and fluster I completely forgot to mention that the second graphic novel in my series The Garden of Emptiness is out this month!

This is the series – from PennyFarthing Press – about Anne Steelyard, rip-roarin’ rootin-tootin female archaeologist in the Middle East prior to WWI. The first of the series – An Honorary Man – came out last winter; I’m really curious to see the artwork on this one. Evil Germans and desert afrits and snotty upper-class English dowagers going on expeditions into the desert to find the Garden of Eden, whoo-hoo!

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  1. Nowhere have I seen any announcement that _Dead and Buried_ is out and available. Amazon sent my pre-ordered copy last week TWO MONTHS before the publication date given on the Amazon website. Needless to say I spent the weekend reading.

    Will the next Benjamin January novel be early too?

    I’ve been a fan since 1982 when I couldn’t resist a book with a cover depicting a wizard sitting in a kitchen holding a can of beer.


    Heh, I didn’t even know that. I’ll go make a general announcement, ty.

  2. I live in Los Angeles.Where in Los Angeles have you’ve seen your new graphic novel sold?

  3. Nothing against PennyFarthing – but I ordered them direct from Amazon and got free shipping (on Amazon Prime). They will be here on Friday!

  4. i wants them, i does! and it’s the 21st century and i have the internet and i can GET them, i can!

  5. Where can one find these new works? [ps, I was gobsmacked when the mail arrived today with a personal note from yourself. I have loved your books for so long. They have been reread so many many times. Please, don’t ever stop writing them! and I will buy anything you make available as an ebook. I am just not sure how to find out when new material is available. Can you also make available, at a proper cost, anything on which the copyrights have relapsed to you? CJ Cherryh is working on that also, to great anticipation from her readers.]

    Re the new graphic novel: The best place may be through PennyFarthings’s website…there are reviews (good) and a link to both Anne works on the front page right now – please post if you find a better place to buy them! Barbara’s looking into ebook release of some older works at present; hopefully she’ll have some time during the holidays to investigate further, as it’s a good idea. I used to maintain an e-mail list for when the Hambly Site was updated (new books get announced on here), but now there’s an rss feed for the site to make checking for updates even easier:, or you might like to follow Barbara on Twitter.

    Hope that helps! Deb

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