A quick chat with Barbara Hamilton

Happy new year!  In response to some reader questions, I’ve asked Barbara Hamilton (an author I am quite sure you will like, wink-wink), writer of the historical mystery Ninth Daughter, about her future plans.  Her reply:

“My second Abigail Adams mystery – A Marked Man – is currently being edited at Penguin Books: Abigail is called on to defend a young Son of Liberty who is being framed for the murder of a Royal Commissioner who – it turns out – had a very long line of people queued up to murder him if they got the chance. She knows young Harry Knox didn’t do it… but whoever DID do it has started killing off others who might hold clues, and both Abigail and Lt. Coldstone find themselves on that list.

The third Abigail book – The Treasure of Beelzebub – is the inevitable pirate treasure-hunt book – at the end of which the British Occupational Force lands in Boston to take revenge for the Boston Tea Party.

I’m hoping – that is, Ms. Hamilton is hoping – that the series continues at least far enough for Abigail to do some sleuthing in tandem with Martha Washington in the seige-camp outside of occupied Boston during the Seige, and – crossed fingers – with Mr. Jefferson in pre-revolutionary Paris.”

But that lies in the hands of the publishing industry.”

Thank you, Ms Hamilton!  My question for readers is: what would your pseudonym be?

…and in site news, I’ve just enabled a mobile version of the site for tiny-browser lovers (ie smartphones).  Feedback is always welcome; I’ll be tweaking it a bit more this week.

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  1. PLEASE Ms. Hamilton, we need more Abigail Adams mysteries! I will begin reading my final Sup With the Devil mystery today!! I love the history and suspense to which Ms . Hamilton treats us throughout her books!!

  2. I am a huge adams fan, especially with Abigail adams, and want to read more from this series!

  3. I am hoping for another Abigail Adams mystery! I have read the first three, and thoroughly enjoyed them!

  4. I hope there will be a new Abigail Adams novel soon – I really enjoyed them.

  5. I love the Abigail Adams mysteries. I am just starting Sup With The Devil. I finished The Ninth Daughter and A Marked Man. Please continue this series. I’m hooked now.

  6. Please say there are more Abigail Adams mysteries to which we may look forward. Any news to impart?

  7. Will you be writing any more of the Abigail Adams Mysteries? My father and I love reading them but I have not seen anything since Sup with the Devil.

    Thank you so much for hours of reading pleasantly spent!!


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  10. I am reading The Ninth Daughter now – it is very very good, and I am truly enjoying the characters and the great detail of colonial life. I have watched “John Adams” miniseries and this reflects the same great quality of accuracy in historical detail. I am looking forward to The Marked Man, and any other titles on this new “detective”.

  11. More Abigail Adams! Please!

  12. i’ve enjoyed reading the 2 books i found at my local library. i’m wondering if you would share some of the research for your books with your readers. as a descendant of 2 rev war patriots i’m interested in your historical knowledge. thnx, marilyn reed miller

  13. […] in a comment on Good Reads and an online bookstore lists both names as the author.  But, she has an interview with Barbara Hamilton on her website that makes it pretty clear. I’m wondering if I should update the Wikipedia […]

  14. I’ve just read “The Ninth Daughter” and “A Marked Man,” and I have only one question–when and where can I get “The Treasure of Beelzebub?” I love them!

  15. I loved the Ninth Daughter! I could not put it down. I did not turn on the tv while I was reading this wonderful book. Being an baby boomer, I remember the Old Walt Disney’s series on the American Revolution, “Sons of Liberty/Johnny Tremain. This brought back good memories of those old series. I am going to demand that our library get the second book in asap. Thank you, very much for this wonderful exciting book.

  16. Loved The Ninth Daughter. Abigail and John are favorite role models, so delighted in rubbing elbows with them; and I, also, thought Lt.Coldstone a great charactor. Can’t wait for A Marked Man, etc.

    I have written under my own name, but if I used a psuedonym it would be Victoria Storm, a name that only recently I forgave my parents for having neglected to identify me. (Of course novels authored under that name would have to fall into the romance category and feature voluptuos damsels and pumped up heros on the covers, not really my cuppa.)

  17. Picked up Ninth Daughter b/c Abigail Adams is a favorite of mine. Wonderful book! So glad there are more coming. From the skillful writing and depth of research I am not surprised Barbara Hambly is behind this pseudonym
    will tell all my friends

  18. Ninth Daughter was my favorite history mystery of 2009. Lt. Coldstone is a fabulous character, the perfect foil for Abigail and the perfect gentleman. I’m thrilled that there are more mysteries coming in the series.

  19. P.s. The mobile-osity of the site works great.

  20. There are already many comments asking for Darwath trilogy to be e-booked, and I’ll add my request also. Like the others, I have paper copies that are falling apart. The folks at Book View Cafe (sarah Zettel, Judith Tarr, etc) publish their books again in eformat via that website.
    Much love and much thanks for 20 years of escape, Eliz Campbell

  21. I couldn’t find a contact button, so I am putting my question here. Will Barbara be publishing her Darwath series (and other old series) for the Amazon Kindle ebook?

    Or are they already available somewhere as ebooks?

    If she hasn’t considered, I hope she will now. I own all her old series in paperback, but now read exclusively on my Amazon Kindle.

    I would be happy to purchase them again in ebook form.

    Thank you for your help!

    There’s a Contacts page; it’s on the menu to the left, but this is a fine place to put questions. No, the Darwath books are not available as ebooks at this point, although Barbara has been looking into doing so. If they do become available, I’ll post something to that effect.

  22. Barbara, I was just looking at the portrait of Dolley Madison, and I wondered – has anyone ever mentioned how much the two of you look alike? mem

  23. Gosh, I didn’t even know about Barbara Hamilton. I’ll go look for Ninth Daughter! If I were to use a pseudonym it would be Elizabeth Cousins.

  24. Thank you, Deb, for this interesting information. I’ve just started to read “The Ninth Daughter” and am happy that two more will be written.

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