Dead and Buried – now available

(thanks to the alert reader who commented on this)…the newest Benjamin January novel, Dead and Buried is now available, despite its publication date of May 1, 2010. If you have comments or reviews, feel free to post them here!

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  1. I’ve been wondering why I haven’t seen a new title in awhile. Dead and Buried still doesn’t seem to be readily available in Canada. An advanced search brought it up on the website but the link offered didn’t work. I’m hoping I was able to get a copy from a bookstore in Colorado through the website, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed it arrives after having read the glowing reviews above.

    Best of luck with the search; do post again if you find a decent source.

  2. Hello!
    I love Benjamin January and was thrilled to learn there was (finally!) a new book in the series. However, it is still not available in Canada. Any idea why this is?

    I just checked on, and they do carry it, although it says it’s out of stock temporarily. I’d suggest asking your bookstore to order it, or (if the shipping’s not terrible), getting a copy from

  3. Any idea why Dead and Buried doesn’t appear to be available in Canada? I preordered from and they tell me it is unavailable and will be sent to me when it is in stock. The other big online bookstore in Canada doesn’t even list it.

    Strange…the publisher is based in the UK, so I would have guessed that release would have been simultaneous in Canada, NZ, Aus, etc. Could you try getting an independent to order it for you, or just ordering from

  4. Okay – I pre-ordered the book from Barnes and Noble, it was supposed to ship on 5/1, then I was notified it would be shipped on the 21st. Today is the 23rd and it is delayed again. Where are you all getting it from? Borders says 1 month and Amazon says 1 – 3 months….. What don’t I know?

    Please help!

    I am very excited to see a new January book!

    1. now has the book listed as in stock, hopefully you will receive yours soon.

  5. Where are people getting it? Amazon says it will be a month wait as does Borders.

    1. I had preordered my copy from so I received it as soon as it was published. I wonder if this means the first run has sold out and the publisher is going to make a second printing?

      Stephanie, you might make some calls to various brick and mortar bookstores if the online sources are all out. Someone is likely to still have a copy on the shelf or could have one transferred from another store.

  6. I thought there would be no more Benjamin January books and was so sad when I finished #8. When Barnes and Noble sent me an e-mail that #9 was available I was estatic and bought it seconds after reading the e-mail. I called my friend who has also read all the other 8. You should have heard her scream for joy. I will be a nervous wreck until it arrives in the mail. Thank you, thank you, you made my day. Don’t give up on Benjamin January, keep them coming.

    Thanks for the nice comment, David! I hope you love the new book. :) Deb

  7. Broke my ‘no hardbacks’ rule for this one. Probably my favourite Benjamin January book yet (and it’s not like I didn’t love the others).

    Great to hear that this was worth rule-breaking! Thanks for posting!

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    Thanks for posting – I’ll forward the info on to Barbara.

  9. Our local independent bookstore ordered this for us. We got it on Thursday, I finished yesterday, husband is finishing today.
    This is one awesome book. I missed Ben, Rose, and the whole family. So good to see everybody is still surviving, still thriving.
    The “character” of New Orleans in this book is so rich, so perfectly structured. The physical layout, the smells, the sights, the attitudes of the people are so well drawn, I could go there and fit right in.
    The plot is dynamite – the “this book only” people are really interesting and full dimensional (including the victim). I really like that people from earlier books haven’t disappeared, but become part of M. Janvier’s life, like they would in real life.
    If you have missed these wonderful people, be sure to read this as soon as possible

  10. Bless you for going back to Ben January – I have waited a long time for the new book!

  11. I just finished DEAD AND BURIED and loved it! It was so good to be back in Ben’s company again, as well as that of his friends and family. Hannibal’s secrets were a surprise and now I’m looking forward to learning about Shaw’s.

  12. Thank you. I really missed this series and I hadn’t found anything new from you in a while. I’ll order it asap.

  13. Goofy. The Amazon site tells me that it is not available until May 1 but that it will also arrive to my house on March 18. Time paradox or clerical error?

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