Barbara at CONduit this weekend (May 28-30)

Barbara will be the Author Guest of Honor at CONduit XX (wow, really? 20? That’s pretty impressive) in Salt Lake City this weekend. If you’re going, have a great time, and post something here about your experience. More information about CONduit can be found here. Everyone have a great weekend!

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  1. Thanks for the kind words about my dolls. I was so surprised I could only stand there and stutter!

    As the lone non gamer in a house of gaming males I think you’re definitely on the right track about online gaming. My son reads his heart out when he is grounded from his electronics, but it’s hard to get him to pick up a book at other times. But either way, the kid has TOO much imagination!

    Thanks for coming back to Conduit!

  2. Sat in on several of your panels, Barbara. As the newest of the “newb” Utah SF&F authors, I appreciated your often insightful commentary. You made me burst out laughing during the Romance panel, when I asked about the #1 thing men tend to get wrong when writing romance, “Too much focus on boobs!” I guess we male writers have one track minds? I told my wife what you said, and she just nodded her head knowingly, an eyebrow raised in my direction. I think when I get done with any future romance projects, I’ll have to have two versions: one with the boob focus left in, and one where I ommit the boob focus. (grin)

    Your commentary on World of Warcraft destroying a large segment of potential Fantasy fan readership was disturbingly plausible. Certainly sounds like a good many kids who might otherwise read fantasy, are doing MMORPG instead. I have to wonder though — hope? — that MMORPG may still be a “vehicle” for those who grow tired of “easy” virtual adventure, and want to be taken on a journey that video games cannot yet truly replicate.

    Anyway, thank you for the information and wisdom you dispensed to “kids” such as myself — at 36 do I get to claim that?

    Thanks for sharing this, Brad! I wish I’d been there, it sounds like a great time. You’re welcome to call youself a kid as far as I’m concerned, and I’m sure Barbara wouldn’t mind, either. Heh-heh – Deb

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