Two new Further Adventures coming soon

Hi, all!

Just a brief announcement: two new Further Adventures stories are in the pipeline! Starhawk stars in one of them, and Gil and Ingold appear in the other.

I’ve also been working on a shopping-cart-type interface so that story-buyers can choose whichever stories they like and pay for them in one transaction (this will appear with the next story, it’s not live yet). Hopefully this will streamline the whole process for everyone. Thanks to everyone who has helped make this experiment a success so far!

(edit 6/22/10): “Pretty Polly” and ‘A Night With the Girls” will be released together, probably by sometime next week, and all stories will be offered in mobi (kindle-readable), epub, and pdf formats once the new interface goes live.

3 responses to “Two new Further Adventures coming soon”

  1. Woohoo! I’m really thrilled that the online publishing option worked out so well. Very excited about the mobi formatting.

  2. mmmm … Interestingly, what is the plot? I have a lot of curiosity, I can not imagine another story of those two, I never thought I would continue the saga, I can not wait, I would love to continue reading, The darwath trilogy has been one of my favorites.

    (Sorry for spelling or writing … I am Latin American, and do not speak English)

  3. A Gil and Ingold story? Yes, yes, yes!

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