Further Adventures, round two

Back in November, we introduced “The Further Adventures of…”

Thus, Barbara – in response to those who’ve loved the old Del Rey fantasy serieses – has written original short stories about the people and places in those serieses: Antryg and Joanna (Deb cheers loudly), Sun Wolf and Starhawk, the gang at the Keep of Dare, John and Jenny, the Sisters of the Raven… anyone from previous books. The stories are $5 apiece (Barbara, like everyone else, needs to eat), and if the experiment proves successful, more will follow.

The experiment has been very successful so far (thank you! thank you!), and today we’re introducing two new stories. The first, A Night With the Girls, stars Starhawk, and demonstrates that you should never open someone else’s mail! The second is an all-new Darwath story, starring Ingold and Gil, called Pretty Polly.

In honor of the new stories, I (Deb) have written a new purchasing interface, with shopping cart, that should make buying multiple stories much easier. Comments can be left under this topic…teething issues should be sent to (info-at-barbarahambly-dot-com). Enjoy!

Take a look at the new stories!

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  1. Thank you SO much for this! It’s been ten years since my last Antryg Windrose fix. I so hope this revenue model makes it worthwhile for Ms. Hambly to keep writing in these beloved universes. I guess my best action at this point is to buy everything she’s got in print that I don’t already have (to convince publishers she’s worth keeping around) and haunting this forum for any updates.

  2. Just wanted to say thank you so much for these further adventures. Just finished Pretty Polly and it was so wonderful to have a little peek at Darwath again. I really hope there will be more.

  3. I think it’s great that additional stories are being written for a variety of books and characters. Ms. Hambly has some very memorable characters and I wonder if she might consider writing a story about Abishag Shaw. I have read most of Ms. Hambly’s books but I find Shaw to be one of her most interesting characters to date. Since 2000, she has said that at some point she would have a back story relating to Shaw, but I figure she’s saving that for a book however a short, first person narrative that gave us some perspective into his ideas and feelings might make for a really good story. I would like to know what Shaw’s thinks of Ben or Ben’s mother, after all, we know how she feels about him….and some of the other characters we know but don’t really know, like Boechter, LaBranche(clearly the Star Trek yeoman of the landing party) deMezieres or even Tremouille.

    1. I’ve been following Barbara Hambly’s blog on LJ. She’s written that the next Benjamin January novel will feature Shaw’s back story – like you I’m really looking forward to it!

  4. *she passes out with excitement*

  5. There’s a lot of fun to be had spotting the Doctor Who references in Ishmael. Plus it’s a great book.

  6. Once again thank you the chance to catch up with characters I thought we would never hear from again is just brilliant.
    I have to ask:

    “reverse the polarity of the neutron flow”

    is Barbara (or Rudy) a Dr Who fan? That’s a classic third Doctor – Jon Pertwee phrase!

    Barbara is indeed a big Dr. Who fan!

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