Happy birthday (and look what I found on the backup drive)

Hi, all!

Barbara’s birthday is tomorrow (the 28th); please join me in wishing her a great one (you can add a comment to this post; I’ll make sure that she gets over here to see the comments). Some of you may have participated in the Birthday Project back in…em…uh…probably 2000? Anyhow, several people sent letters and comments, I made them into a little book, and sent it to Barbara.

I guess things are much easier nowadays, you can just leave a comment here or on her blog!  But I ran across this picture when I had the backup drive out the other day, and thought it might be fun to put it up (thanks to Robin, who took the picture).

6 responses to “Happy birthday (and look what I found on the backup drive)”

  1. Hey, I just noticed something. Your Wikipedia page has no mention of the Barbara Hamilton books and there is no Barbara Hamilton wiki page at all.

    Happy birthday, I’ve been loving your blog!

    Yours, Mary

  2. Happy Birthday Barbara! (Sorry a little belated)
    Love all your books
    Keep on writing!

  3. A Happy (belated) Birthday to Barbara. I have enjoyed your books for many years. I have found hardcover editions of the The Silicon Mage series and the of the Sunwolf and Hawk series, but I can’t find any copies anywhere of the the Darwath Trilogy in hardback (either separately or in one volume). I have found the last 2 books of the series in hardback, but not the first 3. I’m curious to know if the first 3 were ever published in hardcover. If so, any suggestions on how to find them?

    This is the first time I have posted a comment on this website – I’m not sure if I’m putting my question in the best place or whether the answer will come in an email to me or as a response here on the site. Either way would be appreciated.


  4. Dear Barbara, Happy Birthday! and may you have many more. Love & Blessings, Proud parents, Mom & Dad

  5. Happy birthday, and a big thank you for letting us into the new worlds your work has created.

  6. Happy birthday Barbara!! with thanks for the sheer pleasure you’ve added to my life with your stories. Many of the top spots on my list of Imaginary Men are taken up by characters you dreamed up and made real.

    So thank you. And many many happy returns.

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