New Projects!

This is Barbara, making what I hope is the official announcement:

1) Blood Maidens is out in the U.K. I believe this month – someone told me they’d ordered from Amazon U.K. and had actually GOTTEN a copy! I’m told it should be available in regular Amazon in December.
b) Barbara Hamilton’s second Abigail Adams mystery, A Marked Man, goes on sale first week of October!
c) I am working on adapting Stuart Moore’s graphic novel PARA as a movie script (a work-for-hire project, but it’s fun and an interesting task!)
d) I am just about done with the final polish of Benjamin January # 10, The Shirt On His Back, which (those Brits are REALLY fast and efficient) should be out in February.
Thank you all for hanging in with me. (I hope this appears where people can read it. I am NOT good with websites).

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  1. Love Benjamin January – “Shirt Off His Back” was so interesting, but please go back to N.O. — would love to have more about “Mimou”. She’s such a delightful character and her situation is so poignant.

  2. Although thrilled to see a new vampire novel, I didn’t like the cover tart, so I made my own cover from a Harry Clarke stained glass window pix. Much of his art is reminiscent of the Sadowski cover on Travelling.

    Both Barbara and I agree that the new cover is a bit lurid, but I’m with you – it’s good to see another vampire novel! Deb

  3. Hi Barbara,

    I attended your talk at the Santee Library last Friday, Nov. 5th. It was delightful to hear you speak about your books, your research and your general love of history. I’m very excited about the new Benjamin January novel coming out in February, and I look forward to starting the Abigail Adams series. I was especially moved by the story that you recounted of standing in Abigail’s bedroom and realizing how lonely she was during the long separations from John. You obviously have the greatest respect for this intelligent, fiery, loyal, loving, woman, wife, mother, patriot. This morning I wrote an email to all of my Colonial-era reenacting friends giving your books the highest recommendation. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your wonderful writing with all of us!

  4. I’m thrilled my favorite vampire is returning soon. SQUEE!

    I’m also thrilled there is another Benjamin January book coming out soon. BTW – I got several friends hooked on the series, too. I can’t wait to tell them the latest news!

    Thank you.

  5. Thrilled that Benjamin is back! Like all other books much but missed him a lot. Thanx

  6. I must have missed something–Benjamin January #10 is coming soon? Which one is #9? I’ve been waiting and waiting for more B.J. I can’t believe #9 has been there all along.

    Yep, Dead and Buried is #9, and Barbara is working on #10 now. Severn House, its publisher, is in the UK, but a number of US readers have reported getting the book and reading it here in the US. If Amazon is quoting a huge long wait, then there’s always – the shipping isn’t too bad, or the Book Depository, where worldwide shipping is free. Hope that helps!

  7. My pre-ordered copy of “Blood Maidens” showed up today! December hah! At this rate we’ll be reading the next Ben January book by Thanksgiving.

    Nice! Now we need a wormhole to the future so we can read the books *before they’re written*!

  8. Amazon informs me that my pre-ordered copy of “A Marked Man” is on the way. It can’t get here soon enough. That two more Hambly books will be out within six months is heady news.

    About the pseudonym ridiculousness, Ms. uh, Hamilton might be interested to know that at least one library, the Chicago Public Library, has cataloged “The Ninth Daughter” under the author’s real name. This is a direct reversal of the rule for author entries in the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules of the American Library Association/Library of Congress. This amounts to librarian heresy, but keeping the works of popular authors together makes a lot more sense than going along with the whims of publishers.

  9. At long last, I can once again prowl for “Hambly” in the Science Fiction section at the book store! It has been far too long, but I’m certain it will have been worth the wait. If there is one good thing to come from the recent infatuation with vampires/emo teenagers/Kate Beckinsale in black vinyl (okay, I admit I can understand the last one), its the opportunity for Barbara to revisit Asher and Don Ysidro. “Those Who Hunt the Night” has always been one of my favorite works of fiction, a perfect blend of historical mystery and horror. Thank you for not giving up on these characters that we all love so much.

  10. Hello, I have a question…for the “Further Adventures of” part, is it possible to add the names of the chars of which the story is associated with next to Title/add to cart section. I’m still new to Barbara’s books and it’s confusing to have to scroll back and forth to see which story is written for whom? Thanks :)

    That being said, you are my new fave author and I look forward to reading ur entire backlist!

    Sure, we can do that. (Deb)

  11. I, also, can read the post — looks great to me, and I’m very proud of you, my wonderful daughter.

  12. I can read the post – hurray for new novels!

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