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I’ve been meaning for ages to post about Barbara Hambly and Barbara Hamilton ebooks (in case you’d missed the news, Barbara Hamilton is Barbara Hambly).

A lot of letters/comments come in from people who want to read X book on their Y device.  These are usually impassioned, and end with a plea to make books available digitally.  Trust me, I feel your pain – I, too, have an ereader, and I, too, would like more books to be available.  But neither I nor Barbara can magically produce ebooks – digital rights to all her books are currently sold.  What does that mean?  It means that some other entity – not Barbara, and certainly not me – controls whether those books make it into digital format.  Yes, I, too find that a bit sad.

Available ebooks

On a happier note, you can obtain some Hambly books in ebook formats! Yay!  Most of the stores offer the exact same selection (see below), so you’re really not device-limited (iBooks is an exception, but you can run the kindle or nook app on that, so no worries). The links below are for searches, so should stay up-to-date.

Barnes and Noble (nook, or nook app on ipad, ipod, & PC, mac, android devices):

The Emancipator’s Wife : A Novel of Mary Todd Lincoln
Patriot Hearts : A Novel of the Founding Mothers
Dragonshadow (Winterlands Series #2)
Knight of the Demon Queen (Winterlands Series #3)
Dragonstar (Winterlands Series #4)
Die upon a Kiss (Benjamin January Series #5)
Wet Grave (Benjamin January Series #6)
Days of the Dead (Benjamin January Series #7)
Dead Water (Benjamin January Series #8)
Star Trek #23 : Ishmael
Star Trek #71 : Crossroad
Star Trek #53 : Ghost-Walker
Circle of the Moon
Sisters of the Raven
Night’s Edge (3 novellas, one of hers)
Renfield : Slave of Dracula

From Barbara Hamilton, they have:

The Ninth Daughter
A Marked Man (currently on preorder)

As above, but also Magic Time (by Barbara Hambly and Marc Scott Zicree)

Sony ebokstore (Sony reader):
As above, but also New Orleans Noir by Julie Smith (short stories)

They have only a subset of the above: Magic Time, the Star Trek books, Sisters of the Raven, Circle of the Moon, Renfield, and The Ninth Daughter.  However, you can run a number of ebook apps on the iWhatsit, so you’re not limited to iBooks.

General information:

1.  A huge list of ebookstores is here at this wiki link.

2.  Most of Barbara’s books can be bought directly from the publisher.

3.  Nothing of Barbara’s is at Project Gutenberg or any of the other large free collections (most ebookstores also offer classic texts for free), but these sites are highly recommended for filling up your digital shelves!

4.  Calibre is a popular and free program for changing book formats and organizing book collections on your computer.  I also like Mobipocket Reader, the Stanza program (my choice for iphone reading), and Sigil for the techies who want to edit their epub files.

5. Comments are welcome!  The spam filter will catch anything with too many links; let me know if your post doesn’t make the cut and I’ll retrieve it.


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  1. Hi, I know I am old-fashioned but I don’t really like reading from anything but real books with pages I can turn, and flip back to check on something with a finger to hold my place. Please tell me that one or more anthologies of all these intriguing short stories of the characters I love will someday be published on paper so that I can read them – Please??

  2. Just wondering if the backlist will ever make it to Kindle. I’m sorry to say that I can no longer read many of my old favorites because the type in all my old paperbacks has apparently shrunk since I read them last. The Kindle has been a joy since I can change the type size but I really miss Sunwolf and Antryg and Ingold. Hope they’ll be available again someday soon.

  3. I just donated $15 via your page to try and balance in my mind the right thing to do. Normally I only have ebook copies of books I physically own. It saves space on travel to only take my Kindle, and I re-read quite often. While I strongly believe in the idea of copyright, and an author getting paid for their work, the present structure of copyright and digital media is something I cannot support. I will not pay $8 for an electronic copy of a book I’ve already purchased. Especially when I can get a used copy for around $2 or less. So for those authors that have a means of donation directly to them, I will be doing my part to ensure that you are compensated for your work. I like the idea you have of writing new content available in ebook format and charging a decent price for it, and indeed I will be purchasing several of those next payday. But for now, I am paying for the electronic only copies I have of the Windrose Chronicles that I came across. While I know it’s not the right legal thing to do, it’s the best I can do given my own objections to the current system.

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