Exciting Surprise Mail

I was vacuuming this morning when the mail came in, with a package for me from Severn House, Barbara’s newest publisher:

Shirt on His Back pic


I have to temper this slightly by saying that this book has been released in the UK already, but won’t be officially released in the US until June, 2011.

Thanks very much to Severn for sending a copy to me – and just in time for weekend reading, too (see the book underneath?  That’s a statistics book – guess who probably won’t be reading about statistics this weekend??). Severn has completely redesigned their website; it’s clean and informative. Most excitingly, it looks like they’re planning to start offering ebooks soon.

Speaking of ebooks, in case you haven’t heard the news, Barbara’s entire back catalog has been picked up by Open Road Media and will be released soon.  Barbara and I will both be posting more information about this in the very near future, but her blog/Twitter feed will keep you up to date as things go along.

6 responses to “Exciting Surprise Mail”

  1. By the way, is Blood Maidens going to come out in e-format?

    Yes, but I don’t know exactly when. Severn House owns the digital rights to the newest few Hambly books, and they are working on setting up an ebookstore. I’ll post information once I have it.

  2. By the way, her ebooks have shown up for the Nook.

  3. Grumble Grumble

    *Fifteen* of Ms Hambly’s books will be available for the Kindle on Mar 29th.

    Is she trying to send me to the poor house? [Wink]

    Oh, please tell her thanks because I will be getting them. [Smile]

  4. The news about the backlist book is great! I checked Amazon today and Stranger at the wedding is available for Kindle. I grabbed it and hope to see the other ones soon. I own all the books in paperback, but the ebooks are much easier on my eyes.

  5. It is indeed available on Amazon! It arrived, and I read it, yesterday. Excellent. Severn House is still doing some kind of odd non-standard typesetting, but it’s not distracting.

  6. Actually, it already has been released stateside! Amazon.com had it in stock 3/8/11 and I had my copy waiting on my porch yesterday – can’t complain about that!

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