Happy On-Sale Day!

Barbara is the featured author at Open Road Media today, to mark “On-Sale Day”. You can now purchase ebook versions of almost her entire back catalog. Hurray for ebooks! Even better, they have released the “About the Author” video they shot a couple weeks ago and you can either watch it on their site or RIGHT HERE! Thanks to Open Road for sending me the nifty embed link. I’m so pleased for Barbara, and for everyone who has been clamoring for digital versions of her work. Enjoy!

3 responses to “Happy On-Sale Day!”

  1. wow!! slick video. i am ordering the james asher books as i type :-D

  2. I’m so delighted! I was very frustrated because the Kindle store had all the Dragon* books except the first one. I will definitely be buying all of these as I can afford them. Dragonsbane and Ladies of Mandrigyn tonight!

  3. I’m really happy to have the backlist available, as she is one of my very favorite authors. I do have most of these in paperback, but they’re getting brittle.
    But…(sigh)…I wish someone else were putting them out. The Open Road site is a navigation nightmare, the price is too high per novel for an ebook, and the covers are really, really uninspired. This makes me sad. These books are too good to get this shabby treatment. With a better treatment they could grab a whole new legion of fans, but I’m terribly afraid that now they won’t. Sigh.

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