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  1. Why did you choose the name YSIDRO?… spending tonight learning about my name, your literature came up… dare i ask for a copy?..

  2. Amen to that.
    I read the first of your vampire novels (in german translation) when I was just starting to be a bookseller myself, which I have been ever since. And all the time I have been on the lookout for a modern vampire novel, which is NOT totally vampires LIGHT. Okay, I liked some of Ms. Meyers book (the second most of all), and I admit that reading the likes of Charlaine Harris, Lara Adrian and J.R. Ward was fun, despite beeing sometimes sexist and/or racist, BUT…
    I still look out for those precious few novels like yours, or Freda Warringons <3… really dark, sometimes brooding, always great and a real joy to read.

    Please, do carry on. I still want to see a vampire/human relationship with an aging human in it… You can do that. I know.

  3. I agree with you about vampires, which is why I love your books ( I have the six
    written so far all in hardback–I still love the feel of a book). Your vampires are
    largely amoral, ruthless, and occasionally poignant. However, Don Simon has,by and large, been a good friend to James and Lydia. At least Lydia admits to caring
    for Simon even though he is a predator, and even though she thinks she shouldn’t.
    But James never acknowledges the bond he and Simon have developed. Indeed,
    James is positively –dare I say it — self-righteous about this particular vampire.
    By the time the Great War is over, Don Ysidro is going to look like a piker. Does
    James think that Simon should just heroically go forth into the dawn. Huh.

  4. I read the original 2 James Asher book years ago and had to re-buy them to refresh my memory before buying Blood Maidens and I can say that while the slow pace of these novels will not attract a lot of PNR/UF types I found the books to be excellent reading. The advent of the ebooks like the Kindle have made many books which were not viable for the printed publisher world are now being written by authors. I hope to be able to see another James Asher novel but the ending of Blood Maidens can stand as either an ending or as another chapter in this superbly written series. Don Simon is such a tragic figure I would hope there could be some redemption for him in a final book.

    thanks for the comment! More vampire books are coming!

  5. Well, I checked this homepage for years hoping that there would be another James Asher novel. (Jeah!)
    I found the second one (translation of course) in my local library in Germany and asked a friend to bring me the first from another town because I couldn´t find it anywhere else. I had only half a day to read it because she had to bring them back….
    I believe I was 16 at that time. Now I´m 25.

    I love the vampires in your books. I like the nostalgia and the amusing conservative behaviour they show from time to time.
    I was impressed by the idea of a human being living so long that they are forced to see their friends and relatives die and later their whole century change beyond recognition. Reading the books it became clear to me that eternity isn´t anything a person takes easily. And it´s not wise to long for a eternal life. I´ve read a lot of vampire books but none of them felt so real to me as yours still do. It´s simply because I can imagine how the changes slowly takes place, making you… well,… old, even though your body doesn´t show it.

    It always irritated me how other writers made their vampires so adolescent, sadistic or simply horny…. It´s hard to imagine that a person behaves like a 15 year old boy/girl after several hudereds of years. The human mind doesn´t work this way. And time DOES matter. But it´s influence is ignored in nearly every novel except of yours.

    Thank you for your books. I love them. :)

  6. Blood Maidens is now available for the Nook. [Very Very Big Grin]

  7. Just finished _Blood Maidens_, which I hugely enjoyed. Now I’ll have to go get _Traveling With the Dead_, for sauce. Looking forward very much to that.

    I vividly remembered _Who Hunt By Night_, enjoyed so much when it first came out. Am startlingly picky when it comes to historicals, mysteries–or that very occasional romance–brava, Ma’am, on another fine job.

    I never read vampire fiction. Never. Knowing this, you may enjoy the work of my friend Elisa Paige, an extraordinary voice. http://www.elisapaige.com

    And say her friend JB sent you, please. Best wishes–and many more excellent stories welcome soon,


  8. When you mentioned vampires influencing dreams, I remember how Don Simon Ysidro got Margaret Potton to be Lydia Asher’s traveling companion in _Traveling With The Dead_.

    At the time I first read that, I thought it was your comment on the romantic vampire.

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