New Further Adventures Story – Antryg and Joanna


Barbara just finished the brand-new Antryg and Joanna story “Corridor” to join the Further Adventures lineup.  Perfect for indulging in after the Thanksgiving feast, or for the plane ride to the feast!  Head over to the Further Adventures page to read an excerpt, and to buy “Corridor” or any of the other nine stories on offer.

Thank you all so much for making FA such a success so far.   Barbara is working on an all-new Sun Wolf and Starhawk story, and we hope to have that up before Christmas.  Happy Thanksgiving (Americans) or Happy End of November (people not looking forward to massive turkey feasts this week).



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  1. Hi Barbara!
    I cannot tell you how many hours (hundreds of them, easily) I’ve spent over the years reading your Fantastic stories! From Antryg and Joannato Ben Janvier and Mayerling (who really reminds me a great deal of my fencing instructor at CSULB in the late 70’s), to Ingold Inglorion..and on, and on. Seems I’ve always had a couple of your books at my elbow in the evening.

    Thank you! Thank you for sharing your worlds with us, we truly appreciate it!


  2. Thank you! I let my Mom read my copy and she was angry with me because she thought it would be a new novel. More please? I would happily pay $5 per release for a serialization.

  3. Barbara
    Hi, I’m Ric’s little sister.
    Have recently been reading the Benjamin January series- really like it. Also read Patriot Hearts and the Mary Lincoln book earlier this year.
    Read The Rat God book many, many years ago. I was in Coff’s Harbour, AU about 8 years ago, walking around a used store, browsing. Came across that Rat God book and should have bought it but didn’t. It was rather bizzare to see one of your books so far from home.

  4. Thank you so much for continuing the Antryg/Joanna story. They’re my favorite of all your series, with Darwath coming second. I hope you continue writing them, I’ll be first in line.

    1. I also love the Windrose and Darwath books. Of course, I love all of BH’s books.

  5. Hi Barbara,

    You probably don’t remember me but your dad and I worked together at Genral Dynamics, Pomona for a number of years. We were both in the Marine Corps about the same time. Your mom used to have an e-mail address and we exhanged e-mail over the years but all of the sudden I couldn’t reach your folks anymore. Can you bring me up to date about them and Eddie and Mary Anne.

    Best regards,

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