Yes! Another Further Adventures story – Sun Wolf and Starhawk

Hi, all-

Barbara just sent the latest, all-new Further Adventures story, Fairest In The Land.  This one is a Sun Wolf and Starhawk story…do the Wolf and Hawk get run out of town after their latest adventure?  You’ll have to read on to find out!   Fairest – as well as any of the other ten Further Adventures stories – can be bought from the Further Adventures page.


Barbara and I are both thrilled by the response to Corridor, the latest story – thank you so much to everyone!

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  1. This is actually a response to the blog – I have never been able to get live journal to let me comment there since I am not a member (and do not particularly want to become one). Have you ever seen Horrible HIstories? This is a British TV show for children which can be found on YouTube – just search Horrible Histories. You can get the DVD’s through — and can play them on a computer. I use my desktop– Window’s media player, which simply asked me what region I needed. I told it 2 and it played them. The program is a sketch show – so there are short sketches of various historical periods, emphasizing the horrible parts of history. It is hilarious and so far as I can tell, they try very hard to be historically accurate — to the point of correcting themselves in later sketches when they get something wrong. Your world history students might like it – my archaeology students certainly do…

  2. Thanks so much for the e stories. I downloaded 8 of them yesterday and finished them all about half an hour ago. What a treat to read new stories of Antryg,Dragonsbane, Sun Wolf, the Keep of Dare and vampires. Utter bliss. Please, please keep writing them. I will happily buy them as ebooks, books, scrolls, papyrus or stone tablets.


  3. I never read any of Barbara’s books until this week, January 2012.
    The Ladies of Mandrigyn had been with some of my other books in a box for years.
    I still have no idea why I had a copy.
    Snowed in this week, I idly picked up the book and started reading.
    As you might now know, I am thoroughly enjoying the story, the characters, and the underlying themes of the effects of human effort.
    I’ll look forward to reading more about Sun Wolf and Starhawk.
    Thanks for the nice story!

  4. Good story and a different twist on an old story. [Smile]

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