Plus-One joins the Further Adventures stable (Antryg alert!) tonight

Hi, all-

Hope you’re having a great summer!  The latest Further Adventures story, Plus-One, debuts tonight.  If anyone thought that traveling to California meant Joanna and Antryg were going to have a nice peaceful life, unmarred by brushes with alien lifeforms, random Voids, and errant mageborn (not to mention rock stars, ectoplasm, and the intricacies of tending bar)…well, they were wrong.  Head on over to the Further Adventures page to read an excerpt (it’s a very silly excerpt) and purchase the story.

The Further Adventures page will be getting an update in the near future, as this site undergoes a complete rearrangement and update.  It will take a while – my coding-till-2am college days are long past – but it is coming.



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  1. I just completed listening to the Darwath series purchased from and came here to find when they and some of my other favorites from the ’80’s and 90’s were released and can’t seem to find anything. Audible is posting dates of March and February 2013. I have been checking audible every so often for 10 years trying to find these and was thrilled to see them in my search results last week. Maybe I missed something on the site but this to me is a big announcement.

    Is the full Barbara Hambly collection now in audio format?

  2. Are you going to update the Books page and the Series Status Monitor page to reflect the Severn House editions in the Ben January and Asher/Ysidro series?

    I know you posted you are going to redo the site, but if it’s going to take a long time, it is still useful to browsers to have a complete list of the series. It also alerts readers so they can buy the new books.

    The ones currently missing are, in chronological order by publication date:

    9. Dead And Buried
    10. The Shirt On His Back
    11. Ran Away
    12. Good Man Friday

    3. Blood Maidens
    4. The Magistrates Of Hell

  3. Not a direct comment but wanted to find a way to reach you. Love that you have your bio at the end of the ebooks. We both graduated from UCR in 1975, I was only getting a BA but it was interesting to think of us both being on campus. I have only re entry discovered your books and am absolutely thrilled. I love that I have to look up vocabulary words as I read. I got my PhD in 1981 – back when you had to have a good vocabulary to go to grad school. it has been forever since I have been exposed to so many new words. Thank you so much for the highly engaging stories and the intellectual stimulation.



  4. A fan requested I check about a book in the Benjamin January series entitled “Feast Among the Bones.” Curiously, reference is made a few places to a book of this title being written as a “seventh” volume. The actual seventh volume is the somewhat similarly titled “Days of the Dead.” Are you aware if this is the same novel, just a different title eventually chosen?

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