Two New Further Adventure Stories!

Hi, all-

I’ve just added the latest two arrivals to the Further Adventures. The latest two stories are Shadowbaby, set in the Winterlands/Dragonsbane universe, and Nanya of the Butterflies, a Sun Wolf and Starhawk story. Both stories are brand-new, never-before-published, and approximately 15 K words in length (I tell you the latter because…people ask).  All Further Adventures stories are $5.


For those of you who thought maybe I had died…no, just very busy with a robot.  Well, two robots.  Really.  I work for a small company, we’re doing an automation project, and I’ve had my head stuck in a robot (and then in the code for the robots) since September.  We’re neeeeerly done, and then I might be able to get some of my life back.  So no, there’s not much updated on the page, although I did try to make the store a little bit easier to navigate. In the meantime, please check out the new stories, and feel free to comment on news in the Hambly-world.  As always, up-to-date info on Barbara’a life and writing can be found at her blog (see the link to the right).  I will drag the page into the Century of the Fruitbat soon, the robots HAVE to launch soon.



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  1. Simon schama’s BBC series “the story of the jews” episode on 18th and 19th century europe includes a clip of the ghosts of mad dancing nuns scene from mayerbeers opera robert the devil (mentioned in die upon a kiss) if you still haven;t seen it. Seies is fascinating though very sad anyway. I love your Benjamin January books, thank you.

  2. Good to hear that! (I hope the robot gig turns out ok)

    I’ve been enjoying Ms. Hambly’s novels for about 15 years now, and it’s nice to get news.


  3. Thank you for the update…I do check regularly.

    Any chance of more Benjamin January short stories in the future? Just finished “Good Man Friday” and enjoyed it immensely…to the point where I reread chapters to delay getting to the end.

  4. I am relieved that you’re continuing to post updates! I am one of those fans who was concerned over the lack of updates to the site, but I’m certainly not one to judge. I also enjoyed your Pratchett reference.

    I don’t suppose that Ms. Hambly will be including Houston, Texas, as a stop on a book tour some time in the near future, will she?

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