Okay…finally, after answering questions over a looooong period of many years, I can say:




Audible has a number of them, including a lot of the older Del Rey fantasies, and at least some of the Benjamin January books.  I’ve never understood the appeal of the audiobook, but I sincerely hope that if you’ve been waiting for them, that you enjoy them hugely!

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  1. Please get someone else to re-record the books Teri Clark Linden has ruined. I was looking forward to hearing some of my all time favorite books being performed, but I can’t make it through the first chapter.


    I wish I could help you here, but unfortunately Barbara probably doesn’t have much (any?) control over voice artists! You’re not the first person to comment on this particular point, if that helps at all. I’d suggest trying to feed back to the producer if you can; if they don’t have any evidence to the contrary, they’ll assume all is well and continue renewing her contract. –Deb

  2. Just not the ones with Teri Clark Linden as the reader.
    She. Pauses. At. The. Wrong. Time.

  3. Damn auto correct! I mean “I sew for a living”! Sheesh!

  4. Yea for audiobooks! So glad there are some Hambly ones. I see for a living and I love to listen to good stories while I work. Love the Further Adventures too! Thanks!

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