Zippy update

Happy Thanksgiving (mostly to the Americans), and hi to everyone else!

I should be catching up with Barbara soon and asking about new stories/upcoming plans.  She’s been busy with teaching, and I’ve been…busy with my partner’s cancer.  Yep, about when the robot finally was getting less needy, lymphoma entered my love’s life.  It’s been a rocky few months, and almost everything (including, at times, eating and sleeping!) has been pushed to one side.  It looks like he’s responding well to the chemo.  I’ve been a cancer biologist for…oh, a long time now, but this is a very different perspective.


Best wishes for the holidays.  I promise I’ll be back.  Take care, everyone!



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  1. Deb, I hope that your loved one is improving. I am an 11 year cancer survivor of leukemia.

    I have read all of the January books and have been enthralled by them. Ms.Hambly’s understanding and empathy of Benjamin January and his family and the tightrope they walked in the 1830’s society of New Orleans and other places is heart wrenching and maddening to read. However, Benjamin’s nobility of character as he rises above despicable injustice is what stands out to me as a 61-year-old white southerner raised in South Carolina who has long abhorred the racial prejudice here and in other parts of the country.

    I hope that Ms.Hambly will write more January books. I would love to see Charmian
    grow up as an independent woman, not stymied by the entrenchment of the placage system but flourishing as her own person, perhaps developing her budding entomological interests into a successful career and having a loving relationship in which she is respected as a person.

    Please convey this message to Ms. Hambly.

    Thank you,

    Nancy Wilson

  2. Bon courage darling girl,
    Sadly, nothing like the C- scare to underline what is important.
    Take care of your sweet selves-
    Bisous, Maggie

  3. 3 years ago, my husband beat esophageal cancer. I was so tired when it was over — it was harder than my cancer! You two can do this — just remember to sleep occasionally

    Thank you for even thinking of us

  4. AAaghk! I also most sincerely hope the treatment goes well.

    And please, remember to eat and sleep! You can’t take care of anyone if you collapse from lack of sleep, hunger, or malnutrition.

  5. Best wishes for a positive outcome.

  6. Our thoughts are with both of you and wishing you happy times ahead. Here in the UK, the weather is stormy and just generally pants. But Christmas is just around the corner.

    This year is the first non-bad Christmas for over three years. The last three have not been good for many family reasons, but this year things have not gone wrong yet. Although I must admit there are a few weeks to go!… Fingers crossed (and for both of you too).

    For me personally, I’ll let the kids run amok while I’ll attempt to re-read the Darwath trilogy… that would be pure heaven.

    Best wishes, Simon.

  7. Wishing you and yours only the best

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