Happy Christmas!

Merry Christmas and best wishes for the upcoming year!

Thanks for the good wishes sent after the last post – they are much appreciated.

If you’re looking for a quick post-holiday read, consider one of the Further Adventures stories – I’m hoping that Barbara will have a new one soon for everyone to enjoy (I’m voting for Antryg and Joanna, but I’ll take whatever comes along).


Take care-



2 responses to “Happy Christmas!”

  1. First, I must say how much I enjoy the Benjamin January series – I have read all of them many times and always find something new. The descriptions of “his” New Orleans in the 1830’s is fabulous. Second, why oh why must the short stories be electronic? I like real books and do not and would not own any brand of electronic reader – so must I lose the right to read these stories too? Please tell me that at some point you will publish a collection of stories in paperback (or hardcover)! Not everyone reads only on the computer or on a tablet. Thanks!

  2. Glad you’ve written short additions of the January’s. BUT really disappointed they’re not published. Have 3 school kids and a husband who need computer for school and office work so rare for me to get to use it for relaxation. Like many, I like to actually read a physical book and take it with me at times. Wouldn’t do that with Kindle as afraid it’d get stolen or broke. Plus I’d have to get a much big handbag.
    Always eager for new book in series to come out. Won’t be able to buy these.

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