Antryg and Joanna are back! And Ingold and Gil!

It’s not every day you get an email that contains the following lines:

Personal Paradise is Antryg & Joanna, called in as consultants for a corporation selling condominiums in the Void.”

Whisper is Gil, Ingold, and the gang at the Keep, dealing with the ramifications of having a transporter but no operator’s manual for it.”

…but such is the description Barbara sent me about the new stories that are up tonight in the Further Adventures store!

In the near future….Further Adventures will feature four of Barbara’s Sherlock Holmes stories – these have all been in anthologies in the past, but even I found some of them difficult to obtain.  So hopefully they will be new to you!  If you’re not a follower of the legal tangle surrounding the use of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous detective, the release of these stories is partly because of the recent ruling (pdf of the court ruling – this may be too much detail for, but I like primary sources) that Holmes and other characters from Doyle’s works are considered public domain (with restrictions based on dates) and other authors can use them without prior license from his estate.

Enjoy the new stories – I’m off to read them myself.


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  1. Just recently noted your brief vanishing from Kobo, as with works that I had not yet bought as Ebooks, and bought over $100 worth as in Australian dollars on top of works that I already have. Only problem is I am not sure where I will start after I have finished Gwenael. I love your writings, must admit some more than others, and hope to read much more.

    I would love it if Sun Wolf, and Starfire, go on a successful quest to find a very well hidden library of basic teaching magic manuals.

    Graham G Penny

  2. Barbara is one of my favorite authors, and I am always looking out for new books.

    Recently, however, I found a copy of “Bride of the Rat God”, which I have just finished reading.

    I found it to be a well-written tale, well-plotted, and filled from historical details of LA in 1923 and the early Silent Film industry, as well as Chinese history.

    I recommend it to all who might have missed it!

  3. I own practically all of Barbara Hambly’s books except for a select few. The Darwath saga with Ingold and Gil are my favorite, including Dragonbanes series. As for my own interest I would love see Barbara Hambly continue writing more about Ingold and Gil — a continuation of the sage she has started. For me the whole picture isn’t quite finished with Falcon’s Quest. There seems to be something missing and I’ve read those books over and over again so many times that I could actually live those life’s in my waking and sleeping hours… LOL
    So please Barbara would you consider writing a few more books on The Darwath series.
    Did the ‘Dark’ pass through the portal to our world??? How is Gil’s and Ingold’s son doing? Is he a magician? Did the Queen ever marry Rudy in the end?? It was never mentioned except that they were just friends. So many questions and no answers.
    If you do seriously think about it, could you please let me know. I’d be the first in line to purchase your new books
    A fan that enjoys traveling with you in your stories to strange yet wonderful new worlds.

  4. Barbara Hambly is one of my all time favorite authors and I would be hard-pressed to choose which is my favorite series…they are all so good.
    She is a wide ranging author whose works are accomplished in whatever genre she chooses to write in.

    I am sorry to see that so many pages in this, her official site, are in bad need of updating.
    The book lists and the update pages are how I keep track of what I want to read next.

    I am also thrilled that Ms Hambly has written some short story sequels of some of her best series, but as someone on a limited and fixed budget, I DO hope that she will lower the cost of downloading the pdf’s, unless there is some way these are available through my public library? I would love to buy all the books, but between limited space, (even on the computer) and limited funds, I cannot support her financially by buying these pdf’s at the current price.

    Sincerely, an adoring fan,
    Kate the Tookat…..who speaks with Dragons

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