Yay Brandon Sanderson!

Fun to see the NY Times‘ interview with Brandon Sanderson today – one of my favorite inspired by another!  Sanderson may be best known at present for (finally) finishing Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series (possibly better than Jordan himself would have).  If you haven’t read his Stormlight Archive books yet, I highly recommend them.  Looks like there will be many more to come.

I was handed Hambly’s Those Who Hunt the Night in a similar vein to Sanderson and Dragonsbane.  How about you?


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  1. Sanderson’s work on TWOT books was, I’m sure, difficult. But the style was not the same at all. Characterization was so different and diminished, I wasn’t reading about the same characters. That it fell to him to complete the story was a sad situation all around. I would have rather had no closure than have read the ending books in a completely different style from the rest of the series. Jordan wasn’t a perfect writer, but Sanderson’s work felt like journalism: reporting, no aesthetic principles. In no way was the writing better for being more succinct.

  2. I do not often complain but this post upset me. For saying this ” (finally) finishing Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series (possibly better than Jordan himself would have)”

    It was not Robert Jordan’s choice to leave this world, but I found this sentence belittling a great author. Whom without the extensive notes and Robert wife mean’t that Brandon would not have had the chance to finish of Robert’s series.

  3. Did Barbara get her undergrad degree at Berkeley? I thought I read it on the jacket of one of her books?

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