Barbara Hambly Herself here – as I hope to be posting whenever there is news to impart.

The news is, that Homeland is in stores – after a long and stressful journey to fruition. I think it’s one of my best, of the “literary fiction” genre – a Civil War novel about friendship, emotional survival, and the use of fiction to get through unthinkable times.

Other news: I am nearly finished with – at long last! – Benjamin January #9, Dead and Buried – which picks up (the series was never intended to be on hiatus this long) at the end of the summer of 1836, only a few months after the end of Dead Water. Severn Press – a U.K. publisher – picked up the series for two books… and, I’m hoping, sales will encourage them to pick up more.

Severn Press has also contracted Asher and Ysidro #3, Blood Maidens, yay!

And I have been instructed to say – regarding the Project Which Must Not Be Spoken Of (that I’ve been working on in secret for the past year) – that if you like my work, you will almost certainly like a New Novel by Unknown Author Barbara Hamilton – in that genre that’s sort of known as Historical Sleuths. The Historical Sleuth in this case is Abigail Adams, and Ninth Daughter takes place in Boston on the eve (literally) of the Boston Tea Party, when the British garrison commander’s mistress is found murdered in the kitchen of one of the Sons of Liberty (in this case, a Daughter of Liberty) – who has disappeared. Abigail is sleuthing in tandem with the Assistant Provost Marshal of the regiment. Great fun.

MANY thanks to Deb for the wonderful job she’s done on the Website – and stay tuned for more changes upcoming.

I will continue to post here about new projects and status reports, since – although I’m delighted for you all to stop by my LiveJournal blog – it isn’t really fair to ask you to mush through paragraphs about my cats and World of Warcraft to get to information.

Many thanks, everyone, for hanging in.

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  1. Homeland is one of my all time favorite books! I just finished reading it for the second time (and loved it even better!).. However – I do have a question.. My book club will be discussing it at our next meeting (on this upcoming Wednesday).. is there a Reader’s Guide? I’ve searched everywhere to no avail… Thank you in advance for any assistance!

  2. I am reading The Ninth Daughter. Although I like “historical mysteries” I usually do NOT like mysteries in which the sleuth is a real historical figure — whether it’s Jane Austen, Eleanor Roosevelt, or whoever. Using a real historical character as a detective is usually awkward. I prefer the ones where there may be historical figures in the novel, but the detective himself or herself is an invented character — Steven Sayre’s Gordianus the Finder, Arianna Franklin’s Adelia Aguilar, etc. The writer has so much more leeway with an fictional protagonist.

    The Ninth Daughter, however, was very well done; the idea that Abigail Adams might have done the things Barbara has her doing was surprisingly plausible. I didn’t feel the awkwardness I usually do with this kind of book.

    And …. I am SO glad to hear that there is a new Benjamin January! I had kind of assumed that with all her other endeavors Barbara had given up Benjamin.

  3. Ninth Daughter was fascinating. I’d read the new bio on John Adams this past year, and was pleased to find that his helpmate is featured in your work as the truly remarkable individual she was. Keep going please!

  4. First without even knowing about Barbara Hamilton, I was attracted to the storyline of ‘Ninth Daughter’ and purchased it. I hope that Barbara Hamilton will continue the story and even make a series out of it.

    I too, am ecstatic about the new stories and books. While I read everything you write and was totally thrilled to hear about the stories that will continue, my daughter is not so much of a fantasy fan. However, she loves Benjamin January and we are both waitng for the new book.

  5. So… what other titles does unknown author Barbara Hamilton plan after “Ninth Daughter”? :)

  6. I LOVE your books, particulary Asher-Ysidro series and the dragonbane (i’ve got to great longth to have them ! Can you avance a possible date for the Blood Maidens. Pretty please ?

  7. Barbara, I love “mushing through” the cats and WoW I’m ecstatic about the new stories and books, I’m really looking forward to reading all of them and don’t mind paying for them at all.

  8. I am re-reading the Asher/Ysidro books – for my Halloween treat. I was sincerely wishing for another book, so Blood Maidens – YAY! Thank-you!

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