Further Adventures – two new stories

Okay, so it *is* Wednesday (blame sequencing), but let’s focus on the good news:

two new stories in Further Adventures!

Zénobie: I’m of course thrilled to see Antryg and Joanna again – and not only do we get to hear about poltergeists, rock stars, her parents, and COOKIES, I also learned the keyboard encoding for é (alt-0233, in case you want to make some, too).

Hagar: To quote Rose: “what further incident could top fire, mayhem, and murder…” Benjamin goes out of town and…adventures ensue.

Enjoy! A big thank-you to everyone who has bought stories.

2 responses to “Further Adventures – two new stories”

  1. Okay, I just paid for the new Antryg and Joanna book by Paypal but it’s been soooooo long since I did this once before that I have forgotten how to get it on to my kindle!!!

  2. Just picked up Zénobie. Antryg explaining who he is and what he does to Joanna’s mother, the mother’s reaction or non-reaction and Joanna’s thoughts have me in stitches. Really looking forward to this.

    Oh, you’re going to enjoy it – Joanna’s mother is a hoot! -Deb

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