Further Adventures on Smashwords!

The Further Adventures stories can now be found on Smashwords!

Further Adventures are in the process of moving.  The first set have been put up at Smashwords, and are in epub (Nook, most readers), mobi (Kindle), and pdf formats like before, as well as rtf, lrf, pdb, txt, and html.

Barbara wrote (yesterday):

“Just put “Firemaggot” (the first of the Antryg novelettes) onto Smashwords, and evidently it worked just fine.  Because it’s an older story, the price is slightly less ($3.99), newer stories will continue to go for $4.99. I’m still formatting the stories, but hope to load 8 more today (all the rest of the Antrygs, all 3 Sun Wolf/Starhawk stories, and “Sunrise on Running Water,” the vampire-on-the-Titanic tale). STAY TUNED!”

More stories will be posted there as they go through formatting and cover-ing. I’m tempted to try and put together a cover-art contest.

Barbara also plans to make the stories available through Kindle Direct in the near future (we’ll keep you posted – check back either here or on her blog!).

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  1. Hi Barbara. Thank you so much for the Benjamin Janvier series. I’m just starting the ninth Dead and Buried. The adventures are painted so real. Growing up in Philadelphia, your characters and the times have made me appreciate how those people lived and loved. Thanks

  2. Will your Benjamin January short stories ever be available in print? I do not own a Kindle and don’t plan to buy one but love the series.
    Karen Wilt

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