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We’re introducing an (exciting!) new experiment called The Further Adventures Of…

Nearly everyone who writes in to the site asks: “When is Barbara going to write another story in X series?”   As pretty much everybody knows, fantasy serieses get dumped by publishers – and as pretty much every author knows, other publishers generally do not fall over themselves to pick up these abandoned serieses.  And as every fan knows, ten years is too long to wait to find out What Happened Next!

Thus, Barbara – in response to those who’ve loved the old Del Rey fantasy serieses – has written original short stories about the people and places in those serieses: Antryg and Joanna (Deb  cheers loudly), Sun Wolf and Starhawk, the gang at the Keep of Dare, John and Jenny, the Sisters of the Raven… anyone from previous books.  The stories are $5 apiece (Barbara, like everyone else, needs to eat), and if the experiment proves successful, more will follow.

To begin with, there are four stories: “There Shall Your Heart Be Also” and “Libre” are both Benjamin January stories, “Quest For Glory” is a short and silly pastiche about the casting-call for characters in an upcoming Hambly fantasy novel (Sisters of the Raven), and includes – besides people you later meet in Sisters – James Asher, Don Simon Ysidro, and Ben January. And finally,“Firemaggot” is new and original.  Dead rock ‘n’ roll stars, deserted palatial ranchos in Ventura County, Los Angeles in the mid-80s, and strange tiny monster-spawn that Joanna Sheraton’s cat drags home to the house she and Antryg Windrose have just bought in Tarzana… Antryg has to be doing something while he’s hiding out in LA.

For more details, story excerpts, and to actually purchase the stories, fly on over to The Further Adventures Of…

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  1. Dear Barbara and Deb, I’ve just been browsing through the site, having not been here for a very long time. I was prompted after suggesting a bunch of high fantasy books on a cycling forum, and after putting up works by R A MacAvoy, Kate Griffin/Catherine Webb and Megan Lindholm I suddenly remembered the Antryg Windrose books and mentioned them. Wondering if, finally, a new book was in the offing, I was delighted to find that, indeed there was, and in a whizzy ebook format too! Huzza. Just bought Firemaggot, which I’m looking forward to adding to my burgeoning iPhone library. I read that the publishing rights to most of the older books are back with you, Barbara, so is there a chance that they can start to appear as ebooks? I’ve just bought R A MacAvoy’s ‘Tea With The Black Dragon’ and ‘Twisting The Rope’ for the Kindle App, so there’s a market for older out-of-print books. Is there likely to be a follow up to ‘Sorcerer’s Ward’, by any chance? Please? Pretty please, with a cherry on?
    All the very best with this venture, it’s a brilliant way for us fans to get up-to-date with long-loved books.

  2. Ohhh Antryg, apologies to Joanna, but he’s truly one of my fantasy heartthrobs! Thanks so much for a new story.

    And thanks so much for just writing. You have helped shape my own ideas of magic and dragons and my own writing. I may never make anything from it but I have fun doing it. And isn’t that what it’s all about really?

  3. I very much enjoyed Firemaggot and very much hope there will be enough response to the Further Adventures to keep them coming. You’ve addressed the great conundrum of Antryg’s life in this universe without solving it (intentionally, I assume)… personally, I’d love to see Antryg and Joanna reach some place of equlibrium at the last; and then maybe they could rest, but the universe of Ferryth is a wonderful place and I’d love to read more… a story of Minhyrdin the Fair in her youth, for example. Many thanks!

  4. I had not realized that the reason Barbara had stopped writing various fantasy series, mostly had to do with the vagaries of the publishing world. I have genuinely missed Antryg and Sun Wolf, and especially Rhion (yes, I’m one of THOSE fans). Barbara develops her characters like no other author, and so they become like old friends who exist now in a limbo…will I ever see them again, or have they truly died? Shall I look forward to my next meeting, or must I mourn their passing?

    Now, here’s a chance to at least visit with Antryg. It’s an interesting idea. Still, I wonder if it would help if publishers received letters from fans? Perhaps a petition? How many fan letters or emails does it take before a publisher to believes that they might make a profit by resurrecting an old series? Shall we find out?


  5. The excitement…………………….. I have purchased all 4. You would not believe how hard it is finding new material to occupy my mind here in the UK. Continue the inspiring work ma’am.

  6. I have just sent off for all four stories . . . I am so excited!

    And a request for the future . . . I have been waiting patiently for eighteen years to find out what happened to Rhion and Tally, Tom Saltwood, Sara, Leibnitz, and of course, Jaldis. Is a Sun-Cross short story coming to the Further Adventures offerings? Please let it be so!

    Thank you!

  7. Two of my most favorite books of yours are the Suncross Series – The Rainbow Abyss & The Magicians of Night. I’d love it if you’d do a Further Adventures Of of that series.

  8. Aaaah, Antryg and Joanna, yesssss…

    All right, I’ve happily purchased Firemaggot, and I’ll be hopeful for ruminations on turtle rubbings. But one thing I was wondering, is Barbara interested in publishing her work as an ebook? I’d love to be able to buy her stuff wirelessly for my Kindle…nuff said. :-D

    There are several Hambly books in ebook/Kindle format at present (I know, I need to put this info somewhere on the page)…try
    or B&N‘s lists by following the links.

  9. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet – I just bought two stories (I got here through Brad DeLong and Jo Walton.

    lol, thanks and enjoy the stories! (Deb)

  10. Many thanks to Deb and to Ms Hambly for the opportunity to have new stories about my favourite characters. I am so excited waiting for ‘Firemaggot’ I might just burst! I particularly loved the Windrose novels and the ones about Asher and Ysidro. Since I am sitting miserably at home with horrid swine flu right now this is definitely the pick me up the doctor ordered!

    And hearfelt thanks also to Ms Hambly for all the pleasure her novels have brought me over the years,

    Aysea – in cold and wet Yorkshire, UK

  11. I can’t see a way to post a comment on the Futher Adventures page, so am commenting here.

    I’ve bought Firemaggot for myself and eagerly look forward to reading it. I have a couple of friends I would like to give this to as a Christmas present but they don’t read online. Would it be possible to pay for their copies using the donation button and then print them a copy using the file I already have?

    Please let me know and I’ll send some more money!

  12. I’ve purchased and read “Firemaggot”. I’ll read it again (and again and again…) soon. Thank you for, as Susan said, allowing us to visit old friends. I have missed Antryg and Joanna, and look forward to visiting with them again. I have first edition copies of all your Del Rey books (Darwath, Windrose, all of them; even the vampire books, and I’m not a vamp fan) and most are ready to start dropping pages (!); I’m thinking about re-binding them.

    Thanks again for doing this and have a warm Thanksgiving.

    Korina, a long-time fan (who totally managed to sound like a literate middle-aged woman, not the squeeing fangirl I really am!)

  13. Dear Ms. Hambly, how wonderful to be able to purchase new stories about old friends! Even more wonderful that you get the full benefit of the purchase price. I pride myself on owning all of your books, which I have read and reread with great pleasure over the years. Keep it up!

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