Further Adventures has MOVED!!

  Further Adventures comprises 22 stories that continue the adventures of characters from the Hambly universes. 

As of 21-Jul-2015, Further Adventures has MOVED to Smashwords and Kindle Direct.  Links will be posted here as the stories become available.


Stories available on Smashwords

         (updated 21-July-2015):

General link to all Barbara Hambly stories on SW

(*list is being updated – more links will be added later this week*)

Antryg and Joanna



Personal Paradise



Sun Wolf and Starhawk

Fairest in the Land

Nanya of the Butterflies

A Night with the Girls

Stories available on Amazon

         (updated 21-July-2015):

General link to all Barbara Hambly stories on Amazon.

(*direct links to each will be added later this week*)

If you are having a problem with stories ordered through this website (ie ordered before 25-Jun-2015 at about noon PST, read on.


** If these answers don’t help you, please just email me, Deb, at (info AT barbarahambly DOT com) and I will be very happy to help you out. I promise promise promise that Barbara and I aren’t going to run away to Tahiti with your money and leave you without your story!  We want you to enjoy the heck out of them! **

1. I didn’t get my story!!

Yikes, sorry! The story delivery process is auto-magical, and occurs as soon as your payment clears through PayPal (we’re talking about a minute or so). Stories arrive attached to an email, to the email address attached to your PayPal account.

If you don’t see your story straightaway…check your spam filter first – in about 95% of cases, this solves the problem.  Occasionally it seems like the story takes the slow route and it shows up about an hour later.  Still not there?  Just email me.  Attaching the Paypal receipt is super-helpful – then I won’t have to bug you for further details.


2. Wait, how do I get this on my (device)?

Most of the time, you follow the process for “sideloading” onto your device. Usually this means connecting your device to your computer and placing the file in a Documents or Files folder. I highly recommend Calibre for managing your non-DRM library. Every device is a little different, so if you can’t find a good guide by googling, I’ll try to help you out; just send me an email.  


3. I can’t open this file on my (device)!

  This one divides into two versions: one is that the file isn’t ON the device yet (see Q2), and the other is that you may have the wrong format for your device. No problem. Just email me and I’ll send a different format. That’s not auto-magical, so it may mean waiting until I get home from work.

94 responses to “Further Adventures has MOVED!!”

  1. One thing. I bought the Windrose series for my Kindle this week and just finished reading them again. There is definitely something wrong with some of the text. It looks like someone went through and did a mass replace of ‘me’ > ‘the’ and ‘the’ > ‘me’ in some places.

    Weird…I can’t really do a heck of a lot about this, since the books are distributed by Open Road, but I’ll mention it to Barbara

    1. I bought the Windrose (and Stranger at the Wedding) series, as well as the Untutored Mage series, for my nook (B&N ereader). I’ve experienced the same thing. It looks like the software is sometimes confusing “th” with “m”, and it’s usually happening with “the” and “me”, though I believe I’ve seen it happen on other words, too.

      It’s a minor annoyance. I will certainly continue to buy Barbara’s books in e-format, even though I still have the dead tree versions, because 1) I enjoy having my favorite books WITH me all the time and 2) I figure that each time I buy an e-book, this increases Barbara’s chance of selling a new book to a publisher.

      I’m very excited about having Further Adventures available. I love almost all of Barbara’s characters.

      1. Sounds like a bad OCR from hardcopy. Publishers don’t have the equivalent of the Distributed Proofreading Project (otherwise known as “why Project Gutenberg’s free books are better transcribed than the ones you pay for”) and don’t want to spend the money to have some intern proofread their books; they just do a quick OCR and sell it that way. After all, they think we’ll be so happy to buy our books a second time that we won’t care if they’re full of OCR errors. And anyway, we’re only fantasy and SF readers, y’know, not like the IMPORTANT people who are eager to read the latest celebrity tell-all.

        If the books aren’t DRM-locked, you can go into them with something like Sigil and fix the OCR problems. If they are DRM-locked … well, why are you buying DRM-locked ebooks? You wouldn’t buy a paper book you can only read in your living room; why would you buy an ebook you can only read on a specific device or under specific circumstances? There are plenty of DRM-free publishers out there (Baen, for starters) and they deserve our support.

        Anyway, the bad OCR job isn’t the author’s fault. It’s the publisher’s. With newer books, where the publisher has kept the electronic files and can just format them instead of what we have now, where they didn’t keep them for many of their pre-ebook books, it will be less of a problem. And, of course, if people complained that they weren’t getting what they paid for instead of saying “Thank you, sir, may I please have another?” for whatever crud the publisher wants to take their money for, there would be less crud.

  2. New Antryg and Joanna! Thank you so much for continuing their stories and I hope you write more!

  3. You might think about publishing those stories for ereaders. You’ll have to cut the price but you’ll dramatically increase your audience.

    I bought “Dog Wizard” on Kindle. I’m wondering if you authorized that because (a) there’s no cover and (b) I’m wondering if all the words converted. Sadly, I don’t have my paperback to compare. In the Kindle version, Antryg is starting his first search of the Vaults and suddenly he’s being attacked in his bedroom.

    By the way, thank you a thousand times for Antryg and Joanna. They’ve made my life so much richer.

    Well, technically they *are* for ereaders; I read them on my nook just fine. We’ve thought about amazon, but haven’t made a serious inroads there; mostly because they take a huge cut and this setup is pretty simple to maintain. As for Dog Wizard…sounds like there was a download error? If you’re starting in the Vaults, there’s definitely some missing, as the book starts with a scene between Joanna and her neighbor. Try downloading it again from your Kindle account, and if that doesn’t work, contact amazon. Dog Wizard is being e-published by Open Road Media, so their name should be somewhere on the title page. Contact me if you have more questions! ty-Deb

  4. I am with Karen (May 25, 2011) in hoping for more about Benjamin January or any of the characters from that series. Thank you so much for the ones already available!

  5. Thank you so much. I have been in love with the characters from Darkmage since I was a child. I am 38 now, I work as a computer programmer and am a 6th Dan in Tae Kwon Do. Mostly because of ideas in my head from these stories.

    Thank you


  6. Just bought 3 stories, many thanks for making them available! I would really like to see something more from Suncross as well. Thanks.

    Duly noted! Thanks for buying stories, and hope you enjoy them.

  7. The Benjamin Janurary series are my all time favorite books to read. I have ordered all three of the further adventures for this series, my question is when will the next short story be available?

    Good question, I need to bug Barbara about that!

  8. Started reading Pretty Polly and thought – Hey youre 100 pgs into Darwath – read it last dummy!
    Just found Darwath again at used book place. I think I just bought the ones I traded whenever that was.
    Still waiting for you folks to visit Hawaii so I can show you around the Big Island! If you sell 400 of these you might just cover the airfare..or not :)
    Thank you for your dedication and commitment to your fans!

    1. If you do make it to Hawaii – come to Maui too. Darwath is still my favorite!

      Would love more of them…

  9. This was the best $25 I’ve spent in a long, long time. There aren’t words for how delighted I was to be able to read new stories about some of my favorite characters. I sincerely hope that there can be more – last night felt like an evening with old friends I haven’t seen in ages.

    Thank you very much.


  10. I hadn’t visited your site in a while, and was delighted with the changes — especially the stories! I just bought ‘Pretty Polly’ — more Darwath, yaaay!
    Am VERY especially pleased by the very end.

  11. I bought the first 4 stories that you released a while ago and am going to buy the others now. Is there anyway that I could get copies of the first 4 re-emailed (my email is unchanged and I paid with paypal) They accidentally got deleated when my computer crashed and I would like to be able to keep rereading them. If so mobi format would be the best so I can download them on my kindle but any format I can read on my PC would be fine if that is a problem. Thanks again for your great body of work. I think I have read everything you have published so far except for the Abigail Adams mysteries which I just discovered and have ordered and the 4 new stories I am ordering now. Karen

    Yep, we can do that!

  12. I just wanted to say – I don’t really care what you charge, the length, whatever. Just finding these stories was like an unlooked for gift.

    The only thing that could be better is full length novels and if publishers are too stupid to realize that – I hope that you’ll consider self publishing. You have at least one completely commited buyer.

    I this comment.

  13. Finally! New stories about all my favourite people. Priceless.

  14. I just found this and I’m so excited! I’ve been re-reading all my old favorites and now I have something new. What treasure. Especially Antryg!
    Thanks so much Barbara!
    Kathy Beaty

  15. How long are these stories? I ask because, while I’m an avid fan of the characters (other than Benjamin January), $5 is steep for stories. Other eStories are running around $.99 (John Scalzi, for example). If the story is substantial, the price could be well worth it, of course. However, if I buy Pretty Polly, A Night with the Girls and Firemaggot, I’ve spent as much as a new novel. Am I getting a new novel’s worth of reading material? I suspect not, and don’t see that they have to be that way, but I’m also not prepared to pay $15 for three stories that would be 1/5 or so of an edited collection of short stories.

    I know people here have read them, and I’m not asking “did you get your money’s worth” as that’s completely subjective. I’m asking the relative length of these stories.

    Well, Firemaggot is 15k words long – that’s the only one I have with me at present to check. That works out to, oh, 0.033 cents per word, I guess. Pretty Polly is about the same length. A Night With the Girls has been previously published in an anthology, so you might be able to get that from a library. (Deb)

    1. New stories written by Barbara Hambly, how could they NOT be worth $5? Thanks Barbara, you’ve been one of my favourite authors ever since I first read you and these new stories are an absolute gift!! Actually, it may save some of copies of your other books as they are are so dogeared from multiple readings that they are starting to resemble some volumes from the Library at the Keep of Dare – please tell me there’s a Library there and they just haven’t found it yet :-)

      Thanks again from your transatlantic fans.

    2. Just a comment from a reader:

      Yes, by the word they’re pretty pricey. I just finished “After the Downfall” by Harry Turtledove, bought it from Baen last night for $6. But there’s also the matter of circulation numbers. A Baen book (available in hardcover, paperback, and electronic format) is going to sell a LOT more than a story tucked away on an author’s website. Let’s say another author gets $1 per sale of a novel that sells 10,000 copies (in all formats) while Barbara here gets $5 per sale of one of these stories … but only sells 100 copies. She’d have to be able to write 20 stories in the time that it takes that author to write 1 novel (and I’m being very generous here; odds are that our novel writer would sell more, and make more per unit, too).

      I won’t buy ebooks from the big-name publishers. I don’t like their DRM locking, I don’t like their overpricing, I don’t like their combinations in restraint of trade, and I really, really, REALLY don’t like their attitudes. Plus I’m not very well-off, which cuts into my ebook purchases as well (I joke that I bought my Sony 505 so I could read Project Gutenberg in bed, but that’s really not far from the truth). But I don’t hesitate to buy these stories. They’re a treat for me, kind of like buying a really good hot chocolate from a coffee shop instead of dumping a packet of Swiss Miss into a mug. Life without the occasional treat would be miserable … and my treat is Antryg & Joanna stories.

      When you think about it … what, really, are we paying for? We’re paying for Barbara Hambly to sit down and write a story for US, a story she knows the big-name publishers won’t want to buy, but she’s writing it for us, the readers, anyway. We’re renting a slice of an author’s time. And, in a sense, we’re getting something very special: a story you can’t find on a shelf in Barnes & Noble, a story that’s written by an author who loves her characters for the fans who love them too. Yeah, I’ll pay five bucks for that without a second thought. And it’ll leave a warm glow that lasts much longer than anything from Starbucks.

  16. I finally had a free moment and sat down and read “A Night with the Girls” this morning (its been residing on my ereader for almost a month, unread!) I truly enjoyed the story (as I did “Firemaggot”), but it had the unfortunate effect of making me miss these characters more than ever. I hope this experiment is (continues to be?) successful, and that we’ll periodically get to revisit these people and places.

  17. I read the two Sun-Cross books years ago and ahve been eagerly awaiting the rest of the story for almost 20 years. Please continue this story.

    1. Gotta agree with Jerome — I loved the second Sun Cross book, and if I remember right, it left you hanging at the end. Please, please come back to this.

    2. I believe it was supposed to be a trilogy, and the publisher dropped it. Count me in as another person who wants to see it finished.

  18. I just discovered this. I simply want to say “THANK YOU!”

    1. Excellent and quick. I loved the Darwath installment and Starhawke is always a favorite of mine. I am sooo pleased to see Gil and crew again!


  19. I was delighted to be able to buy Firemaggot. I loved all the Dog Wizard stories :)

  20. love this idea – Ingold, Gil, and Rudy were long overdue!

    made my afternoon.

  21. I just found this page (I check the website every now and then to see what/if new books are out) and am thrilled with this idea. I have bought the Antryg and Joanna story and look forward to stories about Sun Wolf & StarHawk (they are my favourite of the books). If Barbara has any influence (I’m not sure what influence authors have in this), could everything of hers be released on the Kindle (available in Australia). I have all the paperbacks, and would buy them all again on the Kindle (I haven”t read the Benjamin January books yet, perhaps I should as they are the only ones currently being written (I understand why)). Thanks again

  22. Thanks so much for the new stories. I just bought all 4 and am about to check my email to see if they have arrived. I look forward to more. It is nice to find out what has been happening to my old friends from her earlier series and to get more January stories. I think this is a great idea. I am going to look into sending the file to my Kindle as well. (I know there is a way to do this but I have not tried it yet. ) I have read everything that I know of that Ms. Hambley has written including the Quirell Affair which I finally found in a library and Dead and Buried which I happily just received from amazon. I eagerly await each new book whether historical fiction, mystery, fantasy or other. I would buy anything that she e-publishes. Thanks again Karen

  23. One of the best ideas ever!
    Love the fantasy books & can’t wait to read more about Ingold & Gil, Sun Wolf & StarHawk. Please please please more about Rhion.

    Despite sounding like a deranged teenage Facebook addict I am in fact a 40 something bloke :)

    Lol, great to hear from you; enthusiasm is always appreciated!

  24. The next story will be about Ingold and Gil? Woot!

  25. Any chance to see “Those Who Hunt the Night” on eBook any time soon? I remeber reading the book a long time ago. I still have it somewhere, I know, but I do not recall, where. LOL

    If a Kindle version would be available I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

    Thanks for all your great writing!

    Sadly, TWHTN isn’t out there as an ebook. If this changes, I’ll post something about it – thanks for the suggestion. (Deb)

  26. I stumbled over this, and am eagerly awaiting any further adventures set in the land of Darwath and amongst the peoples I’ve come to know therein. Shall keep checking back hopefully. (Short stories that pile up eventually into another novel, perhaps?)


    The next short story will be about Ingold and Gil, so stay tuned!

  27. Barb and Deb,
    A quick “thank you” for this wonderful idea. Being able to revisit Antryg and Joanna, no matter how briefly, is a joy. It’s like seeing old friends, and realizing that they’re exactly how they should be. I had long ago given up ever reading any more of Antryg (or Sun Wolf and Starhawk–hint, hint), satisfying myself with rereading my old paperbacks (and hearing my wife sigh, “You’re reading that book again?!”) Being able to get a fresh (and regular?) dose of these wonderful characters is just about the best (literary) news I’ve heard in a long, long time.

    Keep it up.


    Thanks for the nice comments, Michael! Glad to hear that you enjoyed Firemaggot (I did, too!). Deb

  28. What a WONDERFUL idea!

  29. I think this is a great idea – to pay the author directly for her work. :-) As a longtime reader, I’m anxiously waiting for stories from some of the older series!

  30. Got Firemaggot in recent email so I have ordered two more. AOL will behave from now on, I hope! REALLY looking forward to Dead and Buried….currently rereading the January series so I am primed for new stuff! :)

  31. Hi, LM…your story was sent out. Do me a favor and check your spam filter for the e-mail…if you can’t find it there (or if you auto-delete spam), write me on info (at) barbarahambly (dot) com, and I’ll resend the pdf.

    I ordered Firemaggot a few days ago and got a email receipt from Paypal but have not gotten an email with the story yet…..is there some bug in the system?

  32. Have you considered working with Baen books and webscriptions?

    they have the distribution and audience for SF and Fantasy ebooks

    Also like a lot of people i read ebooks on my phone so pdf doesnt work , happy to buy rich text files though

    1. Necrocommenting a bit here, but I second (or third, or nth) the suggestion about working with Baen. They’re my primary go-to source for SF/fantasy ebooks, and they have the distribution system already in place. While there would be a lower profit per sale, the increased number of sales might make up for it. And if I could get Barbara’s out-of-print books from Baen (any format you want, no DRM, reasonable prices … what’s not to love?) I’d be buying at this moment.

  33. I purchased all four yesterday, and three of the four worked just fine, but “There Shall Your Heart Be Also” doesn’t seem to be working–I tried all your suggestions about ‘save as’ and ‘view HTML’, but it says ‘unable to retrieve the document for viewing’. And the Tech Boyfriend took a look at it, but thinks it’s a problem with the file, since the other three work perfectly and are fabulous. Do I need to just buy that one again, or is there something else to try?


    I’ve just sent that one out to you – let me know if it comes through okay. For some reason, gmail sometimes barfs one of the stories (not always the same one!). Thanks for trying to troubleshoot, and I hope you enjoy all four stories. (Deb)

  34. I got them! I read three of them! I beat my printer for not printing the last page of the three longer ones, once I got back to the house! (Once I realized it was doing that, I didn’t start on Firemaggot…)

    Would there be, at any point, an option to send to a different email, if one wishes to gift someone with a purchase? Or shall I just get a second copy of the desired story(ies) and do a print-out (with the printer suitably watched) for the present-receiver (who doesn’t do email anyway)?

    That’s a nice gift idea. :) In this case, I’d say get another copy and print it for your friend. When the next story gets set up, we’ll try to set up a separate “ship-to” email address.

  35. Yay what a great idea. I love the internet, who needs publishers.
    How much money would how many people need to donate for Barbara to write a whole book? I’d be happy to pre-buy any Joanna/Antryg Sunwolf/Starhawk story.
    What about self publishing your own book with a free lance editor (if needed). I guess you’d sell fewer books, but your profit per book would be much higher.
    What about self publishing the Quirnal Hill affair which is currently going for £20-£40 on amazon.co.uk. Or selling that pdf.
    Keep up the good work.

    Barbara’s looking into this, mostly in terms of re-releasing out-of-print works, and I agree that this seems like a really good time to foray into epublishing. Definitely we’ll post information here if/when anything like that goes forward.

  36. I don’t think you should offer them through Amazon>Kindle because Amazon would reap the rewards. I downloaded them, and emailed them to my kindle account and they arrived immediately and were readable.
    My only concern now is finding out when new material is available. Can’t wait!

  37. Then, a suggestion: Some places have offered a button for those who want to send in a check or money order . . . (and of course, a PO box or something to send it to).

    I totally understand people’s reluctance to use Paypal, but the beauty of the system in place now (for me and for Barbara, but also for readers) is that it’s automated and instant, not something that needs tending. Someone sees a story, says “Yay!”, buys it, and the pdf appears a minute later *poof* in their in-box. They’re happy. Barbara continues writing and teaching (and I continue doing science) while this happens in the background – we get an e-mail saying that this has occurred, and we’re happy. A PO box and checks is fine for a traditional store business model, but it requires a lot of tending. I’d rather have Barbara spend time writing more stories. I’m not sure how feasible something like Further Adventures would have been prior to the “Web 2.0″ paradigm, and I love that we’ve been able to foray into the e-only arena, if just in a small way. Cheers-Deb

  38. I would love to see just a plain text format, which could then be easily converted by the user to whatever format they need for their reader. I personally use .lit quite a bit because I read on my pda (and pdfs are abysmal on a pda), but need plain text if I want make an ebook out of it for my amazingly stupid phone.

    We could perhaps offer .lit in the future if there’s enough interest…text-only might be a bit tougher, because the formatting basically disappears (I know that sounds silly, but it looks so disorganized). If there are more people who would like .lit (or some other format), let me know, and I’ll try to set that up as an option for the next story.

  39. Any recourse for those who Don’t Do Paypal?

    Not at present, but we’re open to suggestions… Deb

  40. Add my voice to those wishing for a “check box” or “buy all” option. Also, since these are in PDF format, I’ll be transferring them to my Kindle. Once I figure out how this is done and whether the results are properly formatted (Kindle has issues with some PDFs), I’ll share the steps so others can do the same.

    Any thoughts to making these available directly through the Kindle Store at Amazon?

    There’s now a buy-all-four button (yay!). Checkboxes are a good idea, but so far I haven’t found an easy way to make this work…it’s on the list. We don’t have any plans for the Kindle (or other readers) store at present, although if enough people are interested, the stories could be offered in a different format. Thanks for the suggstions! Deb

  41. Barb & Deb, this new feature is great! Thank you so much for adding it. I’ve been looking forward to new Antryg stories for years, and I’m glad that technology and electronic publishing have made them possible… can we get a “yaaaayyy, Internet!”

  42. I’d like to cast another vote for checkboxes. I wanted to buy two stories, but Paypal thought I was trying to do the same transaction twice and wouldn’t let me buy the 2nd story right away.

  43. Wow, a fantastic number of people have ordered stories so far! I just sent story e-mails out to the first batch of story-receivers. If you have spam filtering enabled, please note that the e-mail will come from info-at-barbarahambly-dot-com.

    Karl, if you’re out there – this note is meant for you!

    Cheers all! Enjoy your story!


  44. Bought! :-)))
    Agree that a ‘buy all’ option or checkboxes could be very useful (checkboxes even better, considering the number of stories will grow).

  45. New Antryg! Squeeee!

  46. Oh, PLEASE do an “All of the above” button, or check boxes if there will be – pleasepleaseplease – more stories later.

  47. I’ve tested the Buy Now Button, and it seems to be working fine! Can’t wait to read Firemaggot!

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