Further Adventures has MOVED!!

  Further Adventures comprises 22 stories that continue the adventures of characters from the Hambly universes. 

As of 21-Jul-2015, Further Adventures has MOVED to Smashwords and Kindle Direct.  Links will be posted here as the stories become available.


Stories available on Smashwords

         (updated 21-July-2015):

General link to all Barbara Hambly stories on SW

(*list is being updated – more links will be added later this week*)

Antryg and Joanna



Personal Paradise



Sun Wolf and Starhawk

Fairest in the Land

Nanya of the Butterflies

A Night with the Girls

Stories available on Amazon

         (updated 21-July-2015):

General link to all Barbara Hambly stories on Amazon.

(*direct links to each will be added later this week*)

If you are having a problem with stories ordered through this website (ie ordered before 25-Jun-2015 at about noon PST, read on.


** If these answers don’t help you, please just email me, Deb, at (info AT barbarahambly DOT com) and I will be very happy to help you out. I promise promise promise that Barbara and I aren’t going to run away to Tahiti with your money and leave you without your story!  We want you to enjoy the heck out of them! **

1. I didn’t get my story!!

Yikes, sorry! The story delivery process is auto-magical, and occurs as soon as your payment clears through PayPal (we’re talking about a minute or so). Stories arrive attached to an email, to the email address attached to your PayPal account.

If you don’t see your story straightaway…check your spam filter first – in about 95% of cases, this solves the problem.  Occasionally it seems like the story takes the slow route and it shows up about an hour later.  Still not there?  Just email me.  Attaching the Paypal receipt is super-helpful – then I won’t have to bug you for further details.


2. Wait, how do I get this on my (device)?

Most of the time, you follow the process for “sideloading” onto your device. Usually this means connecting your device to your computer and placing the file in a Documents or Files folder. I highly recommend Calibre for managing your non-DRM library. Every device is a little different, so if you can’t find a good guide by googling, I’ll try to help you out; just send me an email.  


3. I can’t open this file on my (device)!

  This one divides into two versions: one is that the file isn’t ON the device yet (see Q2), and the other is that you may have the wrong format for your device. No problem. Just email me and I’ll send a different format. That’s not auto-magical, so it may mean waiting until I get home from work.

94 responses to “Further Adventures has MOVED!!”

  1. Ms. Hambly I just want to say to u your books with Benjamin January is absolutely beautiful. I have every book u are fantastic. I am so happy I found ur writing.

  2. Hello Barbara, I wanted to tell you that I love your work as a writer. I started reading to you from a very young age, when it was very difficult from Argentina, to have contact with the other writers that I liked (Gygax, Knaak, Holhbein, Jordan, Asimov, Tolkien). As someone who understands the genre, I wanted to tell you that your novels (which I have managed to access here) were always among my favorites. I love how you manage to take the image of the world with subtle things, especially with the novels of Sunwolf and StarHawk.
    I hope you’re great, keep writing a lot
    Many greetings from Argentina


  3. I just finished reading “The walls of air”, this is my second time reading it.
    Reading through “The time of the dark” I wasn’t sure on what to expect. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it. But reading through both of them twice.. I suprised that i was ao enthralled with the story i found myself staring blankly at the page for a while just emagining what it must have been like. The smells, sights, sounds, and the feelings. Sad to say my coppies of the two books are only held together by ducktape. But still readable.
    Thank you for the amazing stories, im always actively searching book shops for your books. I cant ever seem to put them down for more then a few hours before picking them back up and reading.

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  5. Mrs Hambly,

    I am finishing to write a french book about fantastic movies nextly published, and indeed the introduction there is a brief text about the three subgenres of fantastic and their main authors. I would like to add a photo of yourself indeed if you allow me to do. I just receivedkind agreement of Piers Anthony

    Let me know if I could proceed.

    Best regards.

  6. Can we have a Further Adventure on the Benjamin January Series, what does Ben do during the Civil War in New Orleans?

  7. I love Barbara’s fantasy books, but $5 per short story is too pricey for this senior of limited means. What a shame that I can borrow them in neither hard cover nor ebook anthology from my local library.

    1. Not just seniors. I have all of Ms. Hambly’s traditionally published fantasy (no Benjamin January) bought as soon as they were released, paperback or hardcover. But I can’t justify near-novel prices for short stories. It’s great to offer them individually, and I would likely buy at 2.99 each, the industry standard for short stories in e-formats released by major publishing houses. I would pay 7.99-9.99 for an anthology of 200-300 pages. I simply read too quickly to pay a dollar for every ten pages, as much as I would love to revisit the worlds I first read about in high school.

  8. Hi, Just posted a question asking for HELP in getting the story from the computer to my Kindle. Well, I did it!! Somehow I stumbled onto a way to get it on there and I”ve already started reading it! Just taking time out to let you know that I got it after all.

  9. More Antryg and Joanna adventures! Thanks so much, I really enjoyed finding these! More please; these stories are gems!

  10. Any chance they’ll ever be released thru Amazon or iTunes? I’d love to read the ones about the Darkmage, Darwath, and Sun Wolf & Starhawk, but unfortunately I don’t have Paypal.

    1. +1. Would love if the Further Adventures stories were available direct through Amazon (so they’d synch between multiple devices–I’m lazy…). Hasn’t stopped me from buying them, but it would be convenient.

  11. Read the four new Antryg and Joanna stories and LOVED them!! Yes, they were “short” but well worth the $5.00 apiece in my opinion! I can’t wait for Barbara to write more of them.
    Have also d/l her vampire books from Amazon onto my kindle!

  12. Just finished the Silicon Mage trilogy and though it was an older series, I decided to check out Barbara Hambly’s page to see if there was any chance of more about Antryg and Joanna and was absolutely thrilled to see that there are 4 more stories! It was my first time to d/l to my Kindle through a computer and it took me a couple of stabs at it before I successfully got them off my computer and on to my Kindle but I did it and I can’t wait to get started on them!!!!!! Please consider doing even more stories about Antryg and Joanna!!! Best series I’ve ever read about magic and wizards!!!! These characters are so believable (even though the subject is magic) that you can’t help but get totally involved with them!

  13. I’m so thrilled to see more stories! I love your Sun Wolf and Starhawk books, and I read all of them out loud to my mom when I was a teenager. My family is in rather rough straits now, too, but I hope to be able to buy these new stories from you soon. Thanks so much for writing more!

  14. Loving the short stories! Great to see new adventures for favourite characters, thank you for writing, and for sharing them in this format.
    Particularly fond of Antryg/Joanna stories, Sun Wolf and company, and the Darwath universe.

  15. Dear Ms. Hambly,

    I recently purchased two of your Sun Wolf/ Starhawk stories for download onto my KindleFire and computer. My machines indicate that they downloaded but I cannot find them. Can you help?

  16. I feel quite stupid … I purchased several “further adventures” but am not sure how to transfer them to my iPad so as to read them with iBooks. Please, does anyone have an answer? Many thanks!

  17. Keep ’em coming! For Antryg & Joanna, I’ll pay.

  18. I bought two of the stories, but didn’t get the downloads. What should I do?

  19. I am interested in buying some of the further adventures but given some of the above comments would like to know roughly the length of each story first. Could these be added to the titles? I have all of the magic stories that were published but don’t really want to spend $5 for only a few pages of short story.

    1. I really like Hambly’s work, but $5 per short story is pretty expensive, particularly when there is no discount for multiple purchases. I’d like to read all 14 stories listed, but that would cost me $70, which is more than the cost of two hardcover anthologies.

  20. So excited to see these Sun Wolf and Starhawk stories–I’ve loved those folks for years and have always wanted more. I don’t mind $5! No way! Being in publishing and knowing something about what it takes to create a good story, I think $5 is *very* reasonable.

    I’m reading Darwath for the first time, and might be back!

    Thanks for writing these, and may there be more.

  21. I would gently suggest that $2.99 per story is a reasonable rate, and selling them through the Amazon store would likely result in more readers.

    That said, I did purchase five of them tonight–but I’m a bit of a hardcore fan, and I hate to think of these sequellettes being so difficult for casual readers to find.

  22. Thanks for continuing to write these. Just finished the Windrose and Darwath trilogies and was glad to find out there was more to read!

  23. I am so glad to see these stories. I love them, especially the Windrose ans Darwath universes. Thanks Barbara!

  24. Great to see you writing in these worlds again! I have always loved your fantasy books, and have never quite given up on the hope of walking by a bookstore one day and seeing the first book of the Darwath prequel-trilogy :) You dropped many hints in the Darwath trilogy as to “how it all began”, but I would love to read the rest of the story of the “greatest wizard the Western world has ever known” :)

    I am also curious as to whether you have considered Kickstarter or other artist-crowdfunding sites for continuing your work. They are specifically so people can support the work of artists, and you already being so successful means you have an established base of support. I’d certainly have contributed to a campaign for any of the FA stories that I’m currently buying on Amazon :)

    Thank you for letting us share the stories of these characters again!


  25. I’m interested in downloading the short stories, but not sure which of the formats to click on. I have a kindle and also have the kindle app on my PC for “cloud reading” –can anyone tell me if I should be ordering pdf, Mobi, or e-pub?

  26. Thanks for the Benjamin January fix! (bought 3 stories) All very good, (and a bargain honestly, a writer is entitled to fair compensation for work) but “A Time to Every Purpose” feels like it wants to be a novel…hmmm, what about it, Barbara?

  27. I paid $5 for THAT? I loved Barbara Hambly’s books, but Quest for Glory was a joke. In more ways than one. Tongue-in-cheek, but it took less than five minutes to read, and for five dollars?

    I really feel ripped off. We’ll see if the rest of the short books I bought are the same.

  28. You need a program called Calibre. It’s free. It comes in Windows, Mac, and Linux flavors. It can do all sorts of conversions, and more important in your case, it can load things on your iPad for you. It will also keep your ebook library organized, which is a Very Good Thing. You can pick it up over at MobileRead.

  29. I am in the process of re-buying all of Barbara’s books on Kindle for Ipad. I’m certainly GLAD to drop $5 for each of these stories. I would like to read them on my Ipad, but I’m not sure how to transfer them. Maybe I just need to puchase them while using the Ipad?


    1. Hi, Clint! You transfer them through itunes. When you have your device hooked up, click on your device icon in the itunes left column. When you click, find a menu there called apps, in the horizontal menu on the top. In the Apps menu, scroll down find a section called file sharing. Kindle is one app that allows file sharing in various formats on the ipad. PDFreader is another… I don’t know what you have installed on your ipad, but try transferring them through the Kindle app, it works fine for me.

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