Once upon a time, there was a survey on this site. Honestly, it was a bit long, and eventually, I got tired of compiling the answers. Now I miss the survey but want a new gnat-sized-attention-span survey, so I can compile it easily.

The current question is...

Okay, I was kidding - there is no current question. The redesigned site is very likely to include surveys of some type, but they are not going to be e-mail based! For now, I offer answers to past surveys.

And the answer is...

Which Hambly book would you recommend to a movie studio for their next project? (And, since I know that I'm going to get these suggestions anyhow...) If you'd like to make some cast recommendations, feel free!

The answers broke down as follows:

  • Those Who Hunt the Night led with 10 votes

  • The Benjamin January books (collectively, although most voted for A Free Man of Color) brought in 8 votes. Opinion was divided on who should play January, and included the following suggestions: Denzil Washington, Dennis Haysbert, someone black, the Guy who plays Bruce on Judging Amy if he would let his hair grow out, and Samuel Jackson. I appreciated the following heartfelt comment from Catherine Carter: "May the film be good! May all involved with this website have chocolate on hand!"

  • Dragonsbane brought in 7 votes

  • Time of the Dark or the Darwath Trilogy was supported by 7 votes

  • Bride of the Rat God had 6. "Because I'm a sucker for vamp," said Ben Cook. Michael Wild wrote, "it would be great! someone with a real British accent for Norah, please."

  • The Ladies of Mandrigyn had 2 votes (with Uma Thurman suggested for Starhawk).

  • The Quirinal Hill Affair, The Silent Tower, and Sisters of the Raven all recieved one vote.

  • and finally...Stephen Hopkins wrote in to say, "Make The Emancipator's Wife a movie! I LOVED it!"

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Would you characterize yourself as fond of Hambly's historical mysteries, her fantasy books, or both? Are you a longtime Hambly-reader, or have you discovered her more recently?

Cold had facts here first: the replies broke down as follows

  • Prefer fantasy books: 21
  • Prefer the mystery books: 6
  • Like all of her books/both types of books: 18
  • Like neither type of book:1 (see below)

I was amazed (and pleased) at the number of people who wrote more (at some times, a lot more than just the answer to the question: how you started reading Hambly, how long it had been since discovering her work (Just to give you an idea, at least eighteen of the repliers mentioned that they'd been reading Hambly since the debut of Time of the Dark). Thank you to everyone who replied. Special kudos to the person who'd come here for some info and took the survey without having read any of the books!

Given that Hambly's worlds (be they historical or alternative) generally contain plenty of stuff that the guidebooks would leave out (Witchfinders, pestilence, disease, mud, and the general annoyance of petticoats), would you want to go to the world described in your favorite books or series? What employment could you find there (as you are)? What would your ideal job be there?

The answers to this question were, for the most part, oddly schizophrenic. The few people who did write in did want to go to other worlds (mainly where magic was alive), but wanted to be able to leave again! I did have one highly practical person write who liked hot showers and electricity and wanted to stay put!

Which Hambly character would you most like to have an informal cup of coffee/chat with?
What would you order?

    Some of my favorite answers...

    Those of you who pretty much followed the question:

  • Joanna Sheraton. Being a non-tea drinking Brit, it would have to be hot chocolate (Patrick Biggs)
  • I would gladly share some Blue Ruin with Gil Shalos (Tana Cothran)
  • Benjamin January; chicory coffee (Kari Smith-Boyer)
  • Olympe in the Benjamin January series. Just coffee... want to have all my attention to listen to her (Jann Briesacher)
  • Hannibal would be fun, providing he was sober and fairly pain-free at the time.(Joanne Cutting)

    And those who had something a bit more exotic in mind:

  • Antryg, of course ... and Guinness (Sue)
  • January's father. I'd order a Hurricane. (Larry Hellyer)
  • Antryg-I would order tea for him to read my leaves (Melissa Nordin)
  • Sun Wolf - Anzid Latte (Peter Maranici. Remind me never to have you over for coffee, Peter)

    Some people echewed the direct approach, wanted more than a simple cup of beverage, and set an entire scene:

  • Ysidro and I will have cafe mocha with chili pepper chocolates whilst discussing Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Zizek (Tessa Blanco)
  • Ingold Inglorion - and I would order mocha, like I always do. I can absolutely see Ingold sitting with his back in the corner, keeping an eye on everyone entering, breaking off bits of a scone and dipping them in milk before eating. (Robin Rhoads)

    And a lot of people thought that it would be fun to have something to eat with Antryg. The last few gave me a really good laugh:

  • Antryg Windrose...I would order muffins and some Earl Grey tea...honey on the side of course (Will Lyman)
  • Antryg Windrose. I don't think it would matter what you ordered, really, but muffins and honey would seem appropriate...(Chris Longson)
  • Antryg. Choccolatte & Blueberry Cheesecake (why not treat myself?) (Kibi Hofmann)
  • Antryg!! Green tea, scrumptious rich cake, & maybe salmon-and-cream-cheese sushi. (Eleanor Skinner)
  • Antryg - Banana split (Ann-Mari Ikle)

Thanks very much to everyone who wrote in!

What Hambly book/series would you most like to see a(nother) sequel to?

the answers were (in order of popularity)....

  • The Windrose Chronicles: 16.5 votes
  • Sunwolf and Starhawk: 5 votes
  • The Darwath (trilogy) books: 5
  • Benjamin January: 4 votes
  • James Asher/Vampire books: 4
  • any: 1
  • none (left blank!): 1
  • Bride of the Rat-God: 1
  • Search the Seven Hills: 1 (that was her Mom!)
  • Sun-Cross: 1
  • Sisters of the Raven:1
  • Winterlands: 0.5
...thanks to everyone who participated!